Monday, April 1, 2019

April Already?

Good Monday morning, dear friend, and happy first day of April!
I always appreciate a month that starts on a Monday, as it just seems right...nice and tidy, you might even say it's quite "tickety boo!"

I have a couple of finishes to share with you, but first, please indulge me while I get all Grammy on ya, and share a few pics of GG...

The kiddos had some fun first outings this past month, as GG received her necessary vaccinations that allow her to venture out into the world, and boy does this sweet girl love her world!

She went out to dinner with her Mama and Dada, and was the perfect little lady...

I'm just so over the moon with this sweet little darling!

And had a big adventure to the local Nature Center, where incidentally her Dada and Uncle Little Brother also went when they were wee ones. It's so fun to see the legacy continue with the next generation. I am only starting to realize how blessed we were to raise our boys in a part of the country that has such a rich and enduring history with beautiful surroundings, buildings and stories passed down through the ages. Very fun!

Grammy's Cutie Patootie ❤︎

I can't hardly believe that she is 7 months old...where does the time go?!

Moving on reluctantly to the stitching front...

March was a very productive month, stitching wise, as I kept both my pace and my mojo, and had three finishes! Yay me!

Now, this silly dude took two tries to finish, as I murdered the first finish by not following the words of every person who has put needle to fabric, "Measure twice, cut once." Unfortunately, in my haste to finish March's HOD by the last day of February, I measured once and cut...leaving zero working edge, and then in my frenzy only made it worse...let's just say that the poor Leprechaun never stood a chance and leave it at that...

March 2.0

Hands On Designs "March" A Year of Celebrations

Next Up...

My April finish...

This may be my favorite month yet, the colors are truly yummy!

Hands On Design "April" A Year of Celebrations
I have been stitching this series on Monaco 28ct, which is no longer being made, as I understand it...or perhaps just not by Charles Craft, but either way, I have a nice stash of it that I am slowly using up. I do have to say, however, that even before the announcement was made I had noticed a very big change in the quality of the more recent Monaco that I purchased, so as anything I might be a bit intrigued to see what takes it's place in the world of stitching fabric.

And the big drumroll, please, maestro...

I finished the final Shepherd's Bush Stocking, thus far, as our family is hanging at seven...

Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking"
These stockings have been a labor of love for me. I began stitching them when Big Brother and Daughter in Love got married, carrying on a tradition that my own Aunt began. She would stitch a personalized Christmas stocking for each new baby born into our family, and as our family grew, so did the stockings...they are now a treasured treat to be taken out each holiday season. I decided to pass on the tradition and begin a new version where each new person who enters the clan, be it spouse or babe, will receive a personalized stocking, adding to the chapters of our growing Teakettle family. Thus, the stocking project began in 2013, with the first ones being finished in 2014. I stitched and had finished, one or two stockings each year, depending on time allowance. It was a great joy to find out that we were expecting our first grandchild in 2018, and once I knew that she was a girl, I started right in! Six years later, we have one grandchild and seven stockings...mine being the last to finish, which just seems right somehow. I have now tucked away the fabric, floss and trinkets where they will stay all snug and cozy until there is call for another stocking to be lovingly added to the family.

Now, if you look real close at the bottom of my stocking, you'll notice a good looking shepherd upon the hills of Bethlehem who fetches quite a close resemblance to our Pa, gray fuzzy beard and all, and you'd be right! I fashioned his stocking fellow into mine, so I'll always have him close.

You'll notice that I haven't added either the charms or beads to the stocking yet. I won't attach them until I'm ready to send it over to Miss Faye's house for finishing, to save the fabric from sitting with trinkets against the fabric...just my funky thing.

Our winter was a rather cold and wet one, and as a lover of the cold weather, having spent the kid's childhood living in New England, I had no complaints...and neither did my roses! They have come into bloom with a blaze of glory!


Thanks for stopping by for a visit, dear friend, and indulging me in some sharing