Thursday, July 6, 2017

Enough Already

Many pardons, dear friend, for my lack luster blogging these past few months...I have no excuse. Life is busy, but not that busy, so why have I been such a prodigal blogger? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I still can't seem to find my stitching mojo, and the quilt bug seems to have died a rather quiet death.

"I stitch therefor I blog" seems to be a silly but common theme for many of us, and so to break that theme, I am going to blog today about something other than stitching...

The one constant love...which has been our road travels in the new RV...we have been having such a blast! We just finished our fifth travel adventure, where we met our dear friends who have just purchased an Airstream TT, and had so much fun that we are planning many more travels together.

We haven't ventured too far out of our comfort zone, yet, since we are still getting to know our Lance TT, which has a rather large learning curve...but that has been part of the fun. Our most recent road trip took us back to the Sequoia's and Kernville (about 3 hours away), where we spent a very hot week beside the raging Kern River. The average temperature was 105, and the winds kicked up each and every afternoon...but thanks to our fully stocked kitchen and amazing air conditioning, we had nothing but good times.

The mornings were glorious, Pa went for his mountain bike ride early...and Teagan and I enjoyed the view while I drank my coffee, but as soon as the sun rose over the mountain, it got hot...

So we moved inside for the main heat of the day...

Teagan enjoyed her daily siesta, while I read and finished "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty...I couldn't put it down, and highly recommend it!

Once the sun set, everyone moved outside for the beauty of the evening cool down...

I should mention that someone had a real blast "swimming" in the dirt, since she couldn't go in the water...

She was treated to a nice cozy bath when she got home...Cheeky little miss!

I have no real stitching progress to share, and have not checked into any of the SALs and groups that I belong to...why should this year be any different, as my M.O. is exactly the same each and every year around July...but, I am determined to get back to, with a nice adjustment of my WIP list and rotation adherence. I must mention that I had thought that I would be stitching up a storm while camping, but I find myself so enjoying my surroundings that I can't get myself to focus on the seems like a huge waste of this great land, to spend my time with my eyes focused on a WIP, instead of feasting them upon the beauty around me...and so, I suspect that this will not be stitching time.

Our 4th of July was a very nice and quiet one, shared by Me-Ma, Big Sis, BIL, and Little Brother...who grilled some amazing burgers for us all. It was wonderful and just what the day should, food, and laughter. We took time to appreciate the hope that we carry for our country as it moves through it's own trials and tribulations, and pray for better things to come.
I hope that your 4th of July celebration was enjoyable, and shared by those you adore...

That's the scoop, dear friend, and I thank you for stopping by for a visit.



  1. I think many would agree that you can post whatever you want and people would stop by. I think it would be great to travel along with you on your adventures through your words and pictures without leaving my home. I am glad you are enjoying your RV.

  2. I do agree with Robin. I have a motorhome and although we don't use it as often as we'd like, I love hearing about others' adventures.

  3. Oh what a fun adventure. When I lived in California for a time as a child, we often spent time at the Kern River.

  4. I loved hearing about your RVing adventures! And I am the same way when RVing, I can hardly get a stitch in. Maybe a few after the kids go to bed and I am winding down. I hope you share more of your adventures :)

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun...except the heat! So nice to enjoy nature and our beautiful country up close and personal!


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