Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Funny Thing...

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

I made a start on my 2017 WIPocalypse list and the first round of my rotation...

I also discovered something "funny/not funny," and that is how many hours it takes to make very little progress...

Before My 2 hours of stitching...

After My 2 Hours of Stitching...

It's two stitches forward and one stitch frogged, am I right?!

But, progress is made one cross at a time, so onward we stitch!

I did make one alteration to my Rotation Schedule, to accommodate keeping up with the Smalls SAL. I decided that I am going to make my Monthly Dough Bowl Smalls a Focus WIP, until they are all completed.

So, with that in mind I am trading the current 10-Hour Tapered Rotation for the 10-Hour Rotation with Focus, which is just more of the same with a little bit of monkeying in the Dough Bowl Smalls as my focus piece. Therefor, I've traded #1 on my WIP list Jardin Prive "Quaker Village" for #4 Monthly Dough Bowl Smalls:"May." It's still a 10 Hour WIP Rotation, but without the tapered WIPs part. Once I have finished the Dough Bowl Smalls, I plan on returning to the 10-Hour Tapered Rotation...are you totally confused?

I still may need to tweak it a couple of more times before I achieve the perfect schedule to see me to completion and success this year...wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a wee progress peek at "Quaker Village."



  1. Oh rats! I am glad you did make some progress Karyn, sorry it was not more.

  2. Some progress is better than none at all....yes?

  3. I think you made good progress in 2 hours time. That corner medallion entailed a good bit of stitching.

  4. I do love the Quaker village but I can understand your wanting to work on the monthly bowls. Good luck with your rotation.

  5. Looking good! Your rotation change makes sense to me.

  6. That darn frog! :) I hope he leaves you alone for awhile now. It looks great anyway even if you had a haul a little of it back out.

  7. Haha, progress is progress and if I see that frog, I'll send him on his way!!

  8. As long as you get as least ONE stitch I would call it progress. That stupid old frog needs to mind his own business! LOL!


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