Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Stitching Fail, A Frogging Tale And Some Tears...

Good Wednesday morning, dear friend!

I am heading off to Garden Club with MeMa, in a bit, but I just need to share some utter stitching frustration!

I spent a good part of Monday stitching and finishing the remaining border section on "Quaker Village," and feeling quite satisfied with myself for being both on the Rotation track and caught up with the SAL gals, I pulled it off the Q-Snaps, folded it up and set it gently back into the Ziploc, where it will wait patiently until it's Rotation comes up again.
And with that silly confidence fighting against Murphy's Law (Damn Murphy) I had the silly nerve to pick up Becky Boo's "Welcome" and begin timing my third Rotation. Funny thing, while I was busy stitching the window on Becky Boo's house, a thought jumped into my head, "Perhaps I should check the latest SAL email just to make sure that I was indeed caught up and not just assume." So over to the G-Mails I cruised, and I opened the latest email and sure enough I was not surprised to see that I had indeed missed one whole section! After a big sigh and a small fit, I put down poor "Welcome" and pulled out "Quaker." I unfolded it, fit it back on my Q-Snaps and spent most of today stitching that missing section and speeding my way to catch up...only to realize, as I was taking one last satisfied look upon my hand-i work...I had stitched the hole section off by one stitch to the right...%^&*! And the worst part of it all is realizing how much time it took to accomplish such a small section!

So, tonight,  I will frog out everything that I had stitched throughout today, and maybe I will just set it aside while I head back to "Welcome" and it's 10 hour Rotation. I figure that life will go on and the world will not come to an end if I, yet again, fall a bit behind the other SAL gals, especially since I have been like the turtle to their hares since the beginning.

Here's the sad proof...

See the potted plant to the left? And, see the Quaker Motif to the right?

Look real close...the squares between the bottom right "x" of the pot and the first "x" of the Quaker motif should be a count of four...and mine is a count of five...argh.

That, my very dear friend is what we call "A stitching fail."

Thanks for stopping by and letting me complain, and for sharing in my pity are just too good to me. However, it is time to buck up and push on, because in the famous words of Sherlock Holmes "The game is afoot."
And there's no crying in stitching!



  1. Oh Karyn, I do feel your pain about having to remove the stitching. But better to discover it now instead of having more of it stitched. I look forward to seeing your progress on the Welcome piece.

  2. Ugh. Rats! That really stinks. We have all been there my friend. Sorry.

  3. Do you really need to frog it? It looks fine to me.

  4. No way to fudge it? I know that isn't for everyone (most of the time that includes me) but it IS an option!

  5. It looks even on either side of the urn base... a plane flying over would never notice...does it really
    throw off the symmetry that much? Beautiful work....

  6. You deserve a nice long pity party!! We have all been there! I would probably frog it too. Sometimes you can get by but other times no. It does look good but I don't know how it would effect the whole design.

  7. Oh frustrating. I send you hugs and give you permission to fall a little behind~

  8. Oh shoot! I hate when that happens. Sending you some good stitchy vibes to get you through the frogging and re-stitching.

  9. Never would have noticed! No way to make it work? At least it's just one colour, that should make it easier.

  10. Stitchers can all relate to your counting challenge--we have all been there. Take a deep breath, fix the problem and continue


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