Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Quaker Village SAL Update #1

Good Wednesday morning, dear friend!

It is now official, the Quaker Village SAL, hosted by lovely Noelle of  Le Chas de L'aiguille (The Eye of the Needle) has begun!

We began stitching, as of Saturday July 30th, and made our first stitch in the upper left corner...I love the fact that we all started together and in the same spot so that we are all following the design in unison, and I believe the plan is to stitch one page of the charted design each "step," however since most (if not all) of the girls speak French, I am relying on Google Translate and what I remember of my high school French to follow the I may be wrong...but I'm having a blast and making new friends...brilliant!

I usually begin my WIPs in the middle...even after all of these decades of needlework, I still follow that this took me a bit out of my comfort zone, but just to make myself feel more comfortable and since I buy my Monaco by the yard, I cut myself a piece of fabric larger than I needed to make up for any margin booboos.

Anyway, I digress...We are stitching "Quaker Village" by Jardin Prive.

What a fun stitch this is...

I chose to stitch on White Monaco, using the charted DMC floss

I love Nathalie's designs, and have stitched quite a few...two of which "My Lady's Quaker" and "A Gentleman's Quaker" have been sitting in my closet unframed, so my goal is to frame all three and hang them together, when this one is finished.

Our next check in is August for updates.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great new start. I love Quaker designs, each motif is like a mini-finish!

Vickie said...

Oh so gorgeous!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It is very lovely! I really like anprefer starting in the corners better than the middle

Robin in Virginia said...

You are off to a great start. I used to start in the middle, but now start in the upper left hand corner for most projects now. Are you stitching this over one or two? I look forward to seeing your next check-in.

Khristine Doiron said...

Great start!! I love how yours looks in real life compared to the chart photo. The colors are lovely!

Karyn said...

Thanks Jo!
I agree, and love for the same reason as you...and I often forget about them when I am looking for a new chart to begin.

Karyn said...

Thanks Vickie <3

Karyn said...

Thanks Michelle <3
It seems to be working out fine, so far, we will see when I get towards the center :-) This may actually be the start of something feels much more organized this way, I must admit.

Karyn said...

Thanks Robin!
I was just replying to Michelle, that so far so good and if this works out as I progress, it may be the way I start from now feels much more tidy and organized.
I am stitching over 2 :-)
Check back and thanks for stopping by <3

Karyn said...

Thanks Khristine! You make me feel so good <3 I am loving the colors...she always charts the best color schemes.

Kaisievic said...

Karyn, this is so very pretty - I cannot wait to see it progress.

Karyn said...

Thanks Kaye <3

Clare said...

I have been trying to purchase the PDF pattern but as new to doing this,I had A hic up. I will try again and hope can stitch this too as I love Quaker patterns. I`m in a SAL for a Family Quaker Sampler. :) Happy Stitching.