Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Crazy Socks Giveaway And SAL

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

I can't believe it's already the first of December! Where did the year go...on the one hand it feels like it's been one long year, but at the same time it seems like we were just ringing in 2015...crazy!

As we begin the countdown to Christmas, and fill our days with tree trimming, cookie baking, gift shopping, and holiday cheer, I wanted to take a moment to remind ya'll to stop and count your blessings, and to remember those dear friends who are making their way through the holidays with heavy hearts...

For those of us who are lucky enough to call Karen Kluba of "Rosewood Manor," both a talented artist and a friend, we know just how heavy the Kluba family's heart is this holiday season...the following message from Karen says much of it...

"Hello, I'm not sure how many of you are aware of our daughter Rachel's very serious accident late this summer.  She lives in England.  She and her two sons 7 & 6 were visiting us here in Michigan for about 30 days while the boys were off school.  Her husband had come over for the last 8 days of the summer. We had a fun summer which ended in tragedy just two days before they were to fly home.  We are all devastated.

"After a month in hospital here in Michigan she was flown via medical transport over to England to a hospital there.  She has sustained a TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury.  She is now in a center for enablement - receiving rehab in Oxford, England.  We are all hoping and praying for a miracle, that she can overcome this, but it will all take time - lots of time. The doctors feel that her sister, her father and I, should visit to help with her rehab as often as possible.

"I designed a leaflet to raise money to help our family be able to fly over to visit her in hospital in England.  It is called "Crazy Socks"-the explanation of the title is on the back cover of the chart." 

I am asking everyone to please support the effort, and help one of our own...please purchase your own adorable copy of "Crazy Socks," as I have, and let's start a SAL!

As I know that this is a big spending month for so many, I wish to not add to any one's burden with any extra expense, so I have also purchased 9 extra "Crazy Socks" charts from Karen, that will allow everyone who wants to join the SAL to do so...you must really show me that you want to join but just don't have the funds, and I will send you the chart.

Please leave a comment on this post to let me know that you are interested in the SAL, which will begin on January 1st and will march at it's own pace throughout 2015...There are no rules, except that you must purchase the chart to help support the Kluba's ability to visit Rachel.

I have purchased a couple of new pairs of Crazy Socks, as a special treat for the first finish of the 2015 SAL...but it must not be started until January 1, 2015 and it must be a complete finish...stitched and finished into your forever treat!

I also ask that you visit Karen at Rosewood Manor and check out her gorgeous designs.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...


  1. DONE! And I'll put it on my blog tomorrow...
    My girls love crazy socks and I have been meaning to get this anyway...and YOU my dear lady reminded me!

  2. Karyn, you are doing an awesome thing here. God bless you. And God bless Rachel. I am praying for her and them.

  3. I would love to joining the sal. Karen is a dear friend and I care a lot for her. I can not afford a chart just now so please enter me.

  4. Hi,I have been reading day #2 of the 25 Days of Christmas on Vonna,The Twisted Stitcher's Blog.
    I live in the U.K and have just purchased my Crazy Socks chart.I would like to join your SAL in January if I may.
    Wishing you a blessed month of December.

  5. Great idea for a SAL.... I'm in!
    I actually ordered this design a couple of weeks through my local supplier as she was going to do a bulk order so fingers crossed I will get the chart before January shows it's face!
    Hugs xx

  6. What a beautiful post and a great heart you have Karyn.
    My thoughts and prayers for Karen and her family.

  7. I purchased the chart last month directly from Karen. I've been praying for her daughter every day since I found out about this. I can't wait to do the chart. I have a 15 year old disabled daughter who has to wear ankle/foot braces and needs to wear knee socks underneath. She has a huge collection of "crazy socks" and I will do this chart for her bedroom wall.

  8. Beautiful post, sad news, will have a look if I can buy the design

  9. I just purchased this chart from Karen. I would love to join in your SAL! Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

  10. This is so wonderful of you to spread the word!! And also so sweet of you to offer a giveaway. I am a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful boys and with Christmas right now I really can't afford a new chart so please enter me in the giveaway (I live in Canada so if that is not doable take me out of the giveaway) And when I get back to work I will pass your kindness on :)

  11. I'm in. I already have the chart. What a wonderful way you have chosen to help. I can't wait to get started on this one.

  12. May God bless her with perfect recovery in Jesus' Name!
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  13. I've received my chart in the mail. Can't wait for the SAL to start. Adding my prayers for the Kluba family.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and family !


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