Saturday, June 13, 2015

Best Laid Plans and Good Intentions

Man plans and God laughs 
Yiddish Proverb

Back in January when I made my stitching "to do" list, I had high hopes and good intentions to begin blogging regularly and stitching constantly...neither of which happened because life got in the way, as it always does...But, it's all good and here I am, better late than never!

I have not been constantly stitching, in fact I have done very little stitching and struggled to keep up with my WIPs...

I finished "Robert's Stocking" in March and began work on "Sadie's Stocking" with the hopes that I can get both to Faye for finishing before Summer's end...

Here's my progress on Sadie...

I just lover her! Look at her sweet basket of posies...

And her adorable sheep...

In other progress news...

I began stitching on a few sweeties from my stash...

Ink Circles "Bee's Knees"

I had purchased the chart ages ago,  but somehow it went to the great unknown...otherwise known as my chart basket, until last month when I got an itch to stitch it.

Here's an up close peek at the bee...

One of the reasons that I chose to tuck it away was that I could never locate the charted Valdani "Orchids" floss, and being such a rules girl it goes against my grain to change floss without a good reason. That being said, however, I decided to pull it out of hiding and use another variegated floss...and after much deliberation and many hours deep within my LNS I went with Gloriana "Topiary" which was the right choice, as I just love it! I love the feel and ease of the floss as well as the color variations...

I have also been busy with AAN "Spring Moon"...

I just love stitching on Alessandra's Designs, and this one is especially fun for a color loving gal such as myself...I love the constant floss change as it never gets boring!

And, last but not least...

Nothing...I have made not one ounce (haha get it?) of progress on Ink Circles "99"

I did make a very cool purchase recently...

Oh yes! I finally got brave and purchased a Needlework System 4 with the Q-snap holder and the scissor tray. I have been wanting one for so long, especially when I read all of your awesome reviews...and guess what?! Ya'll are spot on, this thing is a dream! If you haven't heard of this stand system, let me be the one to tell you...go check it out. I know it's a bit pricey, but worth every penny compared to the cheapies that are out there...I like to think that it has even made my stitches better, and I know that it has made my shoulders entirely much better!

I am so happy to see that Summer is officially around the corner, it's a time for slowing down and enjoying those around us. I am so excited this summer as Little Brother will be moving to the Southland and living close by...He is taking the summer off and enjoying a cross country trip with friends before heading into the real world as a college graduate, we are so proud of him.

Pa, Me-ma, Teagan, and I spent an amazing week with Big Brother and Daughter In Love, while we attended Little Brother's graduation...way up yonder. We flew into NYC and drove to our old stomping grounds, spending a few days in CT...then drove up to VT with the sweet couple, already married two whole years! Pa's Mom and Dad joined us and together we all celebrated Little Brother's big milestone. It was so much fun, and I was sad to leave...I sure do miss my kiddos!

Well, dear friend, that about wraps it up, but I promise that I will not be the prodigal blogger that I have been and will be blogging regularly...and I hope that you will stop by again for more tidbits from my stitching corner.

Hugs Ya'll


  1. Your WIPs look great and I really like the floss color you are using for your Ink Circle's piece. Congratulations to your son on his graduation! What a wonderful picture of the kids!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Your WIPs do look awesome. Your family is lovely!

  3. Nice to see a post from you...wonderful stitching. Congratulations to the graduate.

  4. Your wips look so good and they all look like so much fun to stitch. The thread you picked for bees knees is fabulous! And that little sheep on the stocking is the sweetest!

    I hope you have a lovely summer with your family and hopefully we hear from you sooner rather than later...but I totally understand if it is later :)

  5. Wonderful selection of charts you've been working on. Congratz to your son on his graduation. Lovely photo of your family.

  6. Good to see you! All the stitching is so pretty and your stand is nice.

  7. Do you know you have been missed? Always a joy to stop by here. :)
    Hooray that your son is moving by you!!!!
    And congratulations to your son!

  8. You have some great WIPS! The stockings are wonderful. I love the colors. It looks like a great family event!


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