Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lookie Here...

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

I have actually been quite the bzzzee stitchin' bee, and have a couple of starts and even another finish to share with you!

Before you fall off your chair with the sheer shock of it all, here are my two new starts...

First up....

Can you tell which state this is?

If you guessed the great state of Texas, then you would be right!

This is the next state in the MM Waldock design series...for those of you who are new to The Corner, about a year ago I had decided to stitch four of the states from this series, to represent the four states that Pa and I have lived in...just for "poots and giggles"...and have already finished Vermont and Connecticut (Thanks to the nimble fingers of our very own Jayne over at Henley's Landing), but for reasons that I don't even remember, I had put Texas and California aside...probably to accommodate the overwhelming stack of WIPs that had taken up residence in my stitching basket. But, as I was packing away my charts for the move I came upon the two remaining states and thought..."Ma, you should finish what you done started!

And so...

I have!

First Texas!

Next, California...

Next up...

I have chosen my Sub Rosa Design for the 2013 SAL...

"Sweet Rosie Thanksgiving"

Isn't it so very sweet?!

I have decided to stitch this on a 32 ct "Stone" Evenweave, that I have had in my stash, using Nina's HD Floss in Artichoke, Espresso, Heather, Nutmeg, Oak, and Semiramis.

Love, love, love!

Now, onto the finishes front...

I have finished the third seasonal "Witch" in the series, designed by our dearly talented Maja, over at The Snowflower Diaries...

"Spring Witch"

The Snowflower Diaries "Spring Witch"

Who joins her sisters...

"Summer Witch"

The Snowflower Diaries "Summer Witch"

"Autumn Witch"

The Snowflower Diaries "Autumn Witch"

Now, I just have to wait for Maja's next little seasonal Witch...hint, hint...Winter is coming before ya know it, Maja!

I am going to finish them into hanging kitchen ornaments...because every kitchen needs it's own Kitchen Witch for good luck, good food, and a dash of spice here and there....I will post finished pics next week.



  1. Amen to everything you've said about today's home buyers Ma. Trying to sell is very frustrating. Your home is lovely ... surely someone will purchase it soon. Hooray for your starts & finishes!

  2. What a lovely home...it will sell in no time! Great stitching finishes and starts too :-)

  3. Lovely stitching as always. Young people think they will just walk into their dream home: they have no imagination. I walk into a house and see what we will make of it in my mind: how we will alter it and make it ours. That is why we always buy older properties with a bit of character. Hold your horses and the right family for your home will come along, I am sure.

  4. Such a sweet home..good luck dear.
    Sweet stitching..
    Big hugs x

  5. Hooray for so much stitching nowadays!

  6. i looked of course, 'tis good to think of you stitchin away in your favorite spot in such a welcoming home. hang in there, a special house deserves a special family, nough said:) xo

  7. Oh how I feel your pain! Our house sale was much like that; everyone wanting it just so already without wanting to make it just so on their own. SO frustraiting.

    Glad you are hanging in there, dear Ma T.

  8. Lovely stitching and I know what you mean on buyers. A friend of mine turned down and offer because he asked her to pay rent if she wasn't out by closing day! That and a lot of other silly demands.

  9. Beautiful stitching. Love Sweet Roise Thanksgiving and it will look gorgeous stitched in Nina's threads. Thank goodness for our stitching wips. Yes very different buyers today but mostly I hear there is a shortage of homes on the market today. You will get the perfect offer you want.
    love Annette

  10. I am with you about HGTV! What people do not realize is that the shows we are seeing are very old!! But the demands are ridiculous! I am in the real estate law business, and my mind automatically judges whether or not these buyers will be upside down by now or not! Sounds like you are very patient--it will happen! Your home is quite lovely--especially Olivia's room (my granddaughter's name). Hugs!

  11. Oh, Ma! Good to see your stitches! As for your house, I think it is lovely ~ I much prefer and older home with charm, than a new one that is like all the others! Your grounds are beautiful too!! Enjoy your visit with Pa! I can imagine how ready you are to get this all settled and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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