Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Last Binge...

Heehaw and Good Tuesday, dear friend!

I have decided to join our very dear Barbara, over at To Stitch Or Not To Stitch on her Stash Diet, and have been going through my mounds of stash to find some wonderful goodies to list for sale on Never Enough Stash...but...as every good dieter knows the best way to approach a new one is with a good binge first!

And so, I want to share with you a bit of retail therapy that arrived on my door step from the ole pony express...

I had been wanting to stitch "99" since it came out, but just didn't take the plunge until recently when I showed it to Pa and he said, "Go for it." Wasting no time, I ordered both the chart and the required DMC floss, as I have tons of fabric to chose from. I also purchased the needed floss for a couple of WIPs that I am running low on, as well as my WIPs on deck.

I am just waiting for the CCN October Cottage to arrive to 123stitch.com
so that I can grab that, since I have committed to stitching them through the year and I just can't stop now, but other than that...nothing, nada, zilch will cross the threshold of The Corner!

Wish me luck, dear friend...



  1. Good luck with your diet. Me, I'll keep limiting my food but still buying stash at random. I figure it's my responsibility,as an American, to help the economy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

  2. I know you'll enjoy your new haul but you are supposed to encourage me to buy stash...not set a bad example and withold stitchy treats. I was just about to order too...;-)

  3. I tried that diet once, didn't work very well for me! I wish you great success and will enjoy watching 99 emerge!

  4. whoops too late for me .. i am on a see charts diet ... see charts and get them heheheh :)
    good luck love mouse xxxxx

  5. Diet? Did you say diet? I will have to think on that one! Good luck with "99" I look forward to seeing your progress reports.

  6. I should join you in dieting. Maybe you will inspire me! I look forward to seeing your progress on 99!!

  7. Good luck! I don't do well with diets if any kind!! ;)
    I've seen that 99 chart stitched ~ looks great all done up! The person even changed one of the bottles to look like one of their local beers!

  8. Best wishes on this. I only give up stash if I have more than one or it is something given me that I know I won't do.

  9. Good luck with 99 and happy stitching !!


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