Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Fab New Find...

Good morning, dear friend!

I wanted to share with you a "new to Ma" find...

It seems that all one needs, in this day and age, to discover wonderful new faces and fab new places is a little blue bird to follow. And, thanks to that little blue Twitter bird, I have done just that, and as always I want to share my new discovery with you, dear friend...

Please take a moment to visit Marty, over at Stitch & Frog and be prepared to be awed by her online boutique, where I found myself immediately intrigued by both the variety of her inventory and the organizational ease with which her shop is set up, and she even offers a "10% discount on all items before tax and shipping, everyday," and ships to UK, Canada, and Australia...not to mention the good ole USA where she is based.

You can also follow her on The Twit for updates and offers throughout the day!

So, run don't walk over to Stitch & Frog, and while you're there take a moment to read the wonderful story about how her shop got it's name....and if you already know Marty (As we all know that Ma is often a day late and a dollar short) through her blog and her boutique, then you know what I'm sayin'.

In fact...Marty's a Cross Stitcher too!

As always, thanks for stopping by for a visit, dear friend, on another warm summer day in New England and here is hoping that wherever you may find yourself today, that it is with an open heart and mind to all of the wonderful new discoveries that await us all, each and every day......and don't forget to take time for a stitch or two to boot!


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