Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Snow!

Yep, that's right dear friend, just when we finally got ourselves righted after the last snow storm, errr blizzard, we had more of the white stuff!

But, that did not stop Miss Teagan....

Or Pa.....

Who both enjoyed some fun carving through the fresh pow!

And of course, you can't play out in the snow without coming in for a warm up and a treat from the "cookie" jar!



  1. Teagan never seems to lose enthusiasm for the snow! It surprises me. It sure looks beautiful!

  2. oh now I get the "fresh pow" ha ha. What a wonderful view of "pretty white stuff". Makes a person wanna stay in and stitch...
    As always

  3. It looks as if Miss Teagan is whispering don't go outside its way to cold.
    Happy Newyear

  4. As I say, lovely to look at...but...
    They deserve a cookie after playing out in the white the cookie jar...does Pa have one too!

  5. Man I almost envy you!
    They keep promising us rain and cold and so far nada!
    hugs darling

  6. Teagan sure knows where to go after a romp in the snow! What a sweetie!

  7. At least some people make the best of a fresh snowfall! I stay inside I am not a winter girl at all!

  8. You have definitely had your share of the snow this year! We've had very easy amounts so far - we'll see what this week brings!

    Love the pic of Pa!

  9. We don't have all that white stuff, but I like cookies anytime! Wow, that sure was lot of snow!


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