Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To School

 I wanted to start by taking a moment to say "Thank you, dearest friend" for your kind words yesterday, as Ma indulged in a bit of a pity party. I am feeling better today and have rejoined the world of the fully functioning adults, after a bit of pulling up my big girl panties and self motivation to get off my pity pot, and best of all today is a new day!
Hug, hug, hug and a kiss. kiss, kiss to you, for cheering up old me!

In other news....

Yesterday was the last day of winter break for Little Brother, as he heads back up to school today for his spring semester.

He did take full advantage of the inches of "fresh pow" Up Yonder....

And he spent some time hanging with his Pa....

And of course what would a "fresh pow" day be without a picture of Teagan....

Big Brother is heading back up to school tomorrow morning, and the Teakettle nest will once again be empty, at least until summer!

I also wanted to share a recipe with you, dear friend, for a treasured winter sandwich that warms the soul and feeds the snow day hungers.

Fluffernutter Sammies


2 slices fresh whole wheat bread
smooth peanut butter
marshmallow fluff


Lay the slices of bread open on a plate and spread one slice with peanut butter to cover the bread and leave a layer.
On the second slice spread the marshmallow fluff as you did the peanut butter (be sure to stir the fluff before spreading on bread).
Put the two slices of bread together in sandwich form, and take a huge honkin' bite!
Enjoy with a big glass of milk.




Parsley said...

You are such a precious person. Glad you are feeling a little better today and seem to be smiling...are you?

I got a package yesterday and I felt all tingly with joy. Came on a rough were my angel! THANK YOU. A post to come...

Prairie Homemaker said...

Gooooooooooooood Morning darling!
I am glad you feel better today!
Hug those boys for me before htey leave.

Just tell that crazy woman at Ph made you do it!

hugs sweet sister!

matty said...

Yummers! Glad you are better! Some days we just feel punky. Stitching heals all blues!



gracie said...

So glad you are in better spirits today....we all have those days. It is nice to share, don't you helps.

Jennifer said...

So glad you are better but as a Gyno, I can appreciate hormones as being the culprit of alot of illnesses, moods, and disorders....LOL honestly. Hope you have a great Sunday!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Great outdoors shots!!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

so your BGP's were frilly after all? Glad your feeling better today,,,
Best Wishes going to Little Brother as he head back up to school and I am sure that the Teakettle Corner will be full of joy and excitement with all of the PWS coming down...
As always my friend...

Catherine said...

Just catching up on posts, sorry to hear you were feeling down, but glad you are feeling better now!

Love your new background with the pinks!

Sharon said...

I can't imagine why brother would ever want to leave when he can get those slammin' sammies at home!! Yummy!!
Motherhood truly is the hardest job in the world - loving so much and then letting go... no pill or patch ever heals that, does it? It's amazing how a heart can hurt and be proud all at the same time, isn't it???
I can't wait to see your wip's become finishes!! :)

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!
fluffer nutters were a staple when we were growing up! Memories of us kids playing outdoors all day in the summer in Vermont....packed fluffers and water....we were in heaven!
Continue to see better days ahead : )

Vicky said...

Good News that you are out of your funk :)

As always the pics of Teagan make me laugh.

Devri said...

Glad you are feeling better. That powder'd snow looks like fun! Glad pop and son get some time together! priceless.