Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've Got A Notion

I thought I would take a moment to share with you, dear friend, my system for organizing and using my stitching notions. I am a bit of a neat-nick, so it may seem a bit overdone, but it works for me.

I make a ring system for each WIP, as shown below, using a plastic bobbin/floss-away bag combo and then I apply the color label to each bag, using double stick tape. As I finish a color, I place the remaining strands from the skein back in the bag with the bobbin, to be used again the next time I need that color.
I keep all of my notions and floss in this "Bad Boy," as I am a take and carry from room to room stitcher.

And there you go, my own personal floss and notions system.



FayeRaye said...

I love this idea.....I use the floss bags already and save the strands in the bag for future projects...but, the traveling box makes alot of sense...That way you have everything you need ready to tote with you!!! Thanks!! Faye

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I was hoping you blogged this morning so I could "see" ya, ha ha.

Does ALL your floss fit in there?? Cool system! I love neatness--so much easier to work on crafts when you don't have to look excessively for something.

matty said...

Very neat! My "studio" is really awful right now! I need an organizer to come do it for me!

Karyn said...

Thanks...blushing :)

FayeI am honored to be able to "teach" you something as it is me who is always learning from you and your amazing blog!

Calico...*waves* It does all fit in there, however WIPs, like our SAL I keep the canvas together with the floss in a smaller plastic bin just so it doesn't get lost, and I carry that along with my "bad boy"...kwim?

Matty...that's why we have do chores, oh wait, that's kids, never mind...ROFL! Go check out Calico Prairie's blog as she just did an amazing re-org of her craft room.


Blu said...

Nice system. It's always fun to see how different people organize themselves.

Jackie said...

What a great idea! I love the grab and carry theory. I stitch in bed a lot but I have a stitching chair coming for my room. I was thinking of a way to take from place to place. Now I need to find a pretty box!

stitchinfiend said...

That is exactly what I do with my floss except the plain DMC I don't wind onto bobbins. I always have my DMC arranged by numerical order and overdyed by alphabetically order.

Kim B said...

Great idea with the bags!