Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair Free Progress

I was able to remove all of the cat hair from "Home Of A Needleworker Too," and even made a bit of progress.

I have been a busy bee, and I have started both of my autos, as well,

LHN Sampler Months "January"

I realize it is already January, but I am determined to finish this sampler over the weekend, and then begin February.


 LHN Ornament Of The Month "Fa La La."


Parsley said...

Lovely job. Is that on linen?

Oh, love love my floss. Someone needs to make a cuddle toy for me in those lovely colors. It just makes me happy.

I noticed it is dark and light. I assume the dye job is to allow variations in the stitching project? Just lovely.

Karyn said...

LOL...I totally agree! This is how I became a floss addict...I wanted to change my name to "Flossie." It is indeed hand dyed to be varigated and show off the color changes....and it is soooo nice to stitch with. I do notice that sometimes it does break a bit easier than DMC, but it is most likely due to the dye process.
Enjoy it, and tell your DH I am sorry to be the one who got you started on this addiction! ROFL.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely work! We're snowed in (third day now), so very little stitching being done here, more snowball fights though :o)

Parsley said...

It's Jennifer's fault too! She sent me a few projects and I stitched my first little pillow kit from her.

I think you gals knew I needed this addiction. At least it's a legal one! LOL

My hubby won't care at all. In fact he will love it when I give him a list of things I 'need' for future bdays and holidays.

I've already mapped out one store in the 'big city' that will likely contain all my stitching needs. Hobby Lobby doesn't have much.

Karyn said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you...I am using the same Monaco that I sent you :) I love to work with it, and I am still a bit shy of linen.


mel said...

Gorgeouuuuuuuuus Karyn!
LOL I showed Judy my fabric stash and craft book library... she bundled an arm load of each into her room! giggle
She did not know what a fabric stash was, then she saw the buttons... and 100s of skeins of floss...

matty said...

So pretty!

You are quite sneaky to get me thinking about cross stitch again! The cedar chest is calling me and reminding me of all the linen tucked away.... Do you think I could sleep less and stitch, knit, weave, and spin more??? And listen to books on tape?? :)

Stay warm,


Parsley said...

The fabric is lovely. Maybe we can try linen together later on in the year?

Oh...I posted pics of my floss with my last post.

Karyn said...

Thanks ladies :)

too busy....LOL, it seems like summer is a distant memory, ya know? Stitching sounds good, and a snowball fight couldn't hurt. :) DH is like that too, I am the one who calls it an addiction, he just calls it keeping me quiet during the college football games :)

mel....ooooo, I love floss and all things stashy!


Karyn said...


Matty...well, why not stitch while you listen to the books on tape....Calico Prairie does it :) I think you just gotta go over to that cedar chest and take a peek inside and maybe a little stitch....join us! You know you want to :)

Parlsey....I am totally with you! I would love to try linen together. :) I'm heading back over to your blog to take a gander....


Kim B said...

You've been working hard!

I was just looking around your blog, seeing all the things you have listed as your "favorites" and I saw at the bottom that you're Catholic! Not to be a crazy person, but I'm Catholic too and our faith is a central part of our lives so I just thought it was neat to see the Catholic links you have listed on your blog :)

Joy said...

I'm glad you got the hair off. It looks much better now. I know how persistent cat hair is and I keep telling Mom she needs a Dyson.

Parsley, you are cracking me up with your new addiction.

Karyn said...

Thanks :)

Kim...oh ya, it is such a huge part of who we are...well Peace be with you, Kim :) We have a lot in common!

Joy...I know, it can be persistent...I keep looking at that Dyson animal :)


Christy said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! I am in awe over your talent. I can't imagine how much time and work you put into that. It's beautiful!

Catherine said...

Sew glad to hear that you were able to safely "dehair" your project! Your progress on all pieces looks lovely!

Hope you are staying safe and warm!

Karyn said...

Thanks :)

Ginger said...

Just lovely darlin!!!

Karyn said...

awwwwww thanks.....I miss you :)


Karen said...

Stunning stitching!! I love seeing your artistry and talent. So pretty. :)

Jackie said...

Yay! You got the cat hair out!!! What a relief! Your stitching is just gorgeous. I want my stitches to look like yours!

Anonymous said...

Ooh love the progress, and I can't wait to get back to our Fa La La SAL--I'm really exciting about it! Woot!

Parsley said...

Got a post about those truffles for you to see. Whoa baby!!!