Monday, December 21, 2009

A Most Gracious Lady

I made a phone call, this morning to Little House Needleworks, because I wanted to ask a question. I dialed, never expecting that the voice on the other end of the phone would be Diane Williams, herself, and that she would be willing to not only answer my question, but to also share in fellowship about her wonderful design company.

I called, Diane, because I wanted to know if I could publish a copy of a chart that I own, for the ladies whose names are not chosen in my Giveaway, a consolation prize, if you will.

Knowing little about copyrights I decided to ask a very good friend, who knows such things. She advised me to talk directly to the designer, as this was a very sticky area, the infringements upon copyrights and the act of piracy on the internet.

We chatted and I just gushed, rather embarrassingly about how much I love everything Little House Needleworks, as well as her daughter's Country Cottage Needleworks, and she listened and made me feel like her biggest fan, instead of the rather idiotic housewife that I am.

After we hung up the phone, I began to think about all the things that Diane shared with me, just what happens when someone decides to use a designer's pattern and the domino effect that ensues. The reality is that many small designers and LNS's are forced to close their doors because they cannot keep up with the loss of needed income to stay afloat. I realized that, though we all like to be able to get something for nothing, and it's nice to be able to hit the download button and have a new WIP to share, but at whose expense, and to what end. Let's be honest, the average cross stitch chart is not that much to purchase, most less than $10, and the greatest bargain is Diane's many choices in chart packs that allow you to purchase both the pattern and the Crescent Colours floss.

I can say that I have never used a chart that I didn't purchase, as I know my readers have not either, it does occur, more than we know.

So, it is with this in mind that I am standing with Diane and all those that have taken a stand with her, and I am saying "No" to copyright infringement. I have posted the badge on my side bar, and I will "wear" it proudly (yes, I have been given permission to use it).

Thanks, Diane, for such a lovely chat, and a wonderful view of what is right. You are a very gracious lady.

I still have not thought of an idea for the consolation prizes, but I know it will be wonderful and best of all it will not take anything away from the women who we rely on to keep us in stitches.



stitchinfiend said...

A lot of people don't even think of it as stealing but it is neverthless. We need to support our designers so that they will still keep producing lot more beautiful designs to stitch.

Karyn said...

I totally agree with you :) I have never come across the situation myself, but I could see someone just saying "oh, how nice" and downloading it and not realizing it is piracy.

We do love our designers :)


Barb said...

Happy Tuesday Karyn, Yes I am totally with you on this one. I e mailed Diane some time ago ,not about stitching but her poorly woofit who was the same "make"as Ollie. She was so touched and replied , I think I was about 10 feet tallthat day. We forget these designers are ordinary folk and need a living just like us.