Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Should Have Known

My first experience with her was as the voice on the other end of the rectory phone, raised to a piercing pitch of anger, because I had been giving her son unhealthy snacks prior to his weekly CCD class, of which I was the teacher. I explained that I was in no way out of line, as it was the parent's responsibility to provide a snack for their child before class as they arrived from the connected school. You see, I always brought my child a snack which consisted of a granola bar, string cheese and juice, and as many of the other kids didn't have a snack I began bringing extras for them. For some reason, however, her son chose to eat the candy and junk that other children brought as their snack, along with my healthy snack and she found out about this. Unfortunately instead of asking myself or the DRE about the situation she set about her anger upon me. I listened, and told her in not so many words that it was a gift that I gave her son snack, not a job and that as a third grader he was old enough to know healthy food from junk and until the time that class began, he was not my responsibility, and I also pointed out that perhaps as this was an important point to her, and she was a professional chef, she should provide a snack herself for her hungry 8 year old. Well friends, that was almost 9 years ago and it still irritates me when I think of it. But you see, the silliest part of this story doesn't end there, because this woman is now on television and can grace my family room every Saturday. I can't watch her as I know what she is really like inside, because it turns out I am not the first person that she has blasted with barely a look back or an inkling of apology. Those of us who know her have always just figured she must be unhappy and we pray for her. But honestly, I think she is just mean. I notice every time we run into each other she smirks, and I know she enjoyed yelling at me, and I have to look away so I don't go Laura Ingalls on her. Thankfully her child remained at the public school level and mine went on to Catholic school, so we barely meet. So, where is this tirade going? Well you see here's the interesting part, a few years ago she opened a restaurant right in the heart of our small town, and as typical of all Primadona's she named it after herself. I avoided and boycotted her restaurant from the day it opened. I am a firm believer that a person's essence, their spirit goes into the food that they prepare, for example a happy easy going person's food is tasty and enjoyable, while an angry or unhappy person's food is dry and gives you indigestion. So, it was against my better judgement when my girlfriends decided to meet for lunch recently at her restaurant, which mind you I have avoided for the better part of a couple of years. But, I figured time to grow up and expand your horizons and let bygones be bygones. Here is my review, and I write this without bias, honestly. It was the worst lunch I have ever eaten, and I don't mean the company at my table. I should have known when we arrived and the waitress asked if we had a reservation when half the tables were empty. That was my cue to run and not look back. The quiche was very dry and the salad which accompanied it was just the yucky lettuce from a bag. The coffee was bitter and the red velvet cupcake was tasteless. I spent $20 on lunch in a restaurant that was too small and had too many tables stuffed into it. I should have known that someone that unsympathetic would have a restaurant such as that. I write this not because I hold a grudge and want to slander another, but because I am so irritated that I spent more money on a worthless lunch than I would a nice dinner cooked at home with love. I enjoyed my girlfriends and we all agreed lesson learned, someone so lacking in personality can't run a restaurant of quality. Thanks for letting me rant, I feel much better now, and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, don't eat at Margot's.

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