Sunday, July 30, 2017

My July WIPocalypse

Good Sunday afternoon, dear friend!

It's time for July's WIPocalypse post...

But, first, to answer this month's question...

What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?

My oldest WIP is "Bless Our Home," by La De Da, which I began stitching in May 2016.

My newest WIP is "Bless Our Camper" by Needle Bling Designs, which I just received last week, and have only stitched two words upon.

Let's see...where to begin!

I spent the months of March, April and May without much stitching going on. On the one hand, I just had no stitching mojo, and on the other hand life was wild and crazy...which the two go hand in hand for me. Life hasn't really slowed down, but I made a commitment to get back to my stitching, with or without my mojo. So far, it's been working. YAY!

Which leads me to "Spring Moon" by Alessandra Adelaide...

Stitched on White Monaco using the charted DMC floss
Sorry about the wonky pic, I hate to iron my WIPs for every pic as I feel like it's not so good for either the fabric or the ignore the Q-Snap creases.

I am totally loving this WIP, and it's really been helping with getting my mojo back. I find that I am back to the "I can't wait to work on it" feeling, and that's just what I have been doing, every evening, which gives me such pleasure...YAY!
I was showing it to Me-Ma the other day, and she fell in love with it, so it's going to be framed so that she can hang it in her house, wherever she wants...she makes me feel so special.

Next up...

"Bless Our Home" by La D Da...

Stitched on 32 ct Belfast "Silvery Moon" using both DMC and GAST floss, as charted 
I love the saying.

I have been dragging my feet on this one, which is bizarre since I have been so excited about stitching it for Big Brother and DILove. I began in May 2016 when they closed escrow on their first house, and still hadn't finished it by the one year anniversary, so, I decided that this will be finished and framed by Christmas of this year.

And Next...

I started "Prayer of Saint Francis" by Lizzie Kate and have made some good progress...

Stitched on 32 ct "Lambswool" using the charted WDW floss
Sorry about the's crummy, I know.

Another slow go, but since my mojo is returning (shhh I don't want to jinx it back into hiding) I think that it may find itself finished and hanging on a wall in the not too distant future.


I have made a wee teeny start on "Bless Our Camper"

Stitched on White Monaco using both WDW and GAST floss, as charted

This is the design finished...

I love the motif, and chose it for that, though I am going to change it to "Bless Our Trailer," to make it appropriate to us, and then I will finish it into a pillow for the trailer. I bought some fun trailer themed fabric to use for it's backing...I'll keep you posted on it's progress, and how it looks once it gets to it's new home.

Speaking of the travel trailer, we haven't been out on the road much this month, but we do have a couple of fun trips planned for next month...a trip to San Diego, and another to Utah. I can't wait, and look forward to being on the road again.

Well, that seems to be just about all there is to share, dear friend. I thank you for stopping by for a visit.



  1. Great projects!
    Spring Moon is so pretty with all of the colors.
    Love the Camper piece, I think I need to stitch that for my Nephew & his wife.

  2. You have some lovely projects on the go. And great to read that the "I can't wait to work on it" feeling is getting back. I'm still waiting for mine ...

  3. How sweet that you are now giving that beautiful moon to Me-Ma, Karyn. ♥

  4. Karyn, your WIPs are looking good and you have made good progress on each of them. I am glad the "I can't wait to work on it" feeling has returned. Are the pieces you are stitching on the Monaco being stitched over one or over two? Go Karyn!

  5. Hello Karyn
    You kindly visited my blog a few weeks ago but I've managed to lose that one and have started again.
    Your wips are lovely - I love the colours in the moon.

  6. Glad your stitching mojo is back and seems to be in full force...lots of fun projects. I went to St.Francis of Assisi grade school and always liked that prayer.

  7. I love the Bless Our Camper one! I am going to have to keep an eye out for that chart :) And all the others are looking awesome!

  8. I love your spring moon stitching, such a pretty design and in such pretty colours too.


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