Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jeepers, Peepers, Creepers...And A Wedding

Good Sunday morning, dear friend!

Two posts in one week...what gives, right?

Well, since it's been oh so hot in this here valley there hasn't been much to do outside except keep the plants watered so that they don't die, which has forced me to sit inside with the air conditioning and come to grips with that stack of WIPs that have been peeking out of my stitching basket with looks of disdain upon their fronts for months. So, without anything else to distract me, it's been stitching and not much else.

Shall we start with a start?

I made a nice start on AAN "Spring Moon"

I love the DMC colors that are charted on this design, as they are all so bright and happy, and go perfect with the whimsical design. I find myself excited to get to the next section to see what fun color comes next...I actually find myself looking forward to stitching!

A wee bit of progress...."Bless Our Home" by La_D-Da

I just adore the saying...

I am oh so behind on this sweet sampler, that I started stitching for the kiddos when they first bought their house...over a year ago...insert huge eye roll. As the months rolled by and it was obvious that it was not going to be finished before last December, I changed it to a Christmas 2016 gift, and then I had to concede that perhaps it would be a one year house anniversary gift in May can assume just how that turned out. I am determined to have it finished, framed, and in their sweet hands by God is my witness and all that. We'll see, fingers crossed and needle flying.

I also made some progress on "Prayer of Saint Francis" by Lizzie Kate...

If it looks a bit funky when you read the prayer, it's because I have only stitched the right side, so far.

I am using the charted WDW, but as I find it tedious to stitch with (for some reason I am the only person who finds it easily broken and frayed) I chose to use it anyway, since I had all of the colors in my stash...I do love the colors themselves...Now to live by this prayer.

Now for the Peepers...

For months I have been lamenting upon the fact that part of the reason that stitching hasn't been so enjoyable for me is that I have slowed down a lot, and it seems to take me so much more time to finish a lot less area and my eyes get tired so much faster which makes me sleepy. I finally figured out that maybe it was time to up my stitching readers, and decided to try a stronger lens. The next time I was in Costco, I headed over to the book section and up to the reading glasses where the strength chart was, and sure enough I was no longer a 2.5 but had become a 3.0 (don't panic people, as I wear glasses 24/7, they are bifocals with a 2.0 reading strength, but for stitching I need much better magnification). Since I didn't see anything that suited my narrow face (silly God gave me a narrow face and tiny ankles on a size 14/16 body...what was he thinking), and so I took to the Internet and found a perfect pair of readers, that fit great and work fantastic...I have found that I am back to stitching at a much faster pace, and my eyes don't get tired anymore...I'm optimistic that this may be a good thing...I even purchased a second pair yesterday. "Topless" Get it? They are half lenses, which means that I can watch TV and stitch at the same time, Woohoo!

On to the Creepers...

Well, one of the funny things about my little part of So Cal, is the fact that if anyone were to wander from another planet and land upon "The Valley" they would think that they had found a Mediterranean paradise, complete with palm trees, lush gardens, tropical fruit trees and all manner of wild parrots...and yes the occasional movie star...however, it's all a facade, people! You see, the truth is that none of this is native to the area because it's actually a desert...a HOT and arid desert. The palm trees, lush gardens, tropical fruit trees and were either left over from a movie set that was planted and left unattended after wrapping, or were brought in from South America as the bedroom communities boomed throughout the area to accommodate the many people that it took to run the studios...and the parrots, you ask...they migrated here to be near the trees and plants that originated from their region, and some others apparently were released from Busch Gardens when it closed in the 70s...I loved Busch Gardens...but I digress because my point is this...when it gets hot in a desert, things happen...

Which brings me to the Creepers...

It is Alligator Lizard season, which means that what one would usually hear deep inside the bushes and never see, now like to sun themselves upon the walls and windows, and here's the "Kick in the chicklets" they grow to be around 2 feet on average, due to their icky long tails...oh, and they bite!

Oh ya, baby, it's Jeepers Creepers, not this girlie girls idea of a backyard party...thank God for my hose and spray nozzle that helps scoot them out of my line of sight, I'm like Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane all rolled into one determined force to be reckoned with...although sometimes I may "accidentally" soak anyone who is in the back yard with me...just for poots and giggles. OOPs!
In their defense, I do have to say that we have a love/hate relationship with our lizards as they eat all of the mosquitoes that love us, so even young kids learn to appreciate them and just scoot them away from the house do not get me started on the

The Wedding...

Last weekend my sweet cousin got married and boy was it a fun shindig!

My sister made the mistake of stepping away from the table for a chat with a cousin, and left the kids, my BIL and me, alone at the table...

This is titled, "Two oldies trying to take a selfie." I blame the open bar for that one...

Her new husband is a sweetie, as are his entire family, and we all whooped it up far into the night!

I find that I have been distracted, as of late, away from focusing on my daily blog roll reads and intend to get back to it, so after some rearranging of my priorities I look forward to catching up with each and every one of, love, love.

I thank you for stopping by for a visit.



  1. What a fun post to read, Karyn! Glad your new "peepers" are helping your eyes not get so tired and stressed. Your WIPs are looking good. I really like the La D Da one you are stitching for the kids. Best wishes to the new bride and groom! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Love all your WIP'S...the brightly colored one is especially fun!
    Don't think I'd do well with lizards but the fact they eat mosquitos is a true bonus!
    Glad you're getting your stitching mojo back!

  3. Spring Moon is pretty! That lizard is NOT! Yucko!

  4. Can't wait to see more of Spring Moon. The colors are beautiful. As for the selfie......I've tried taking a few with not much luck. I think you look great in yours. Keep on stitching.

  5. Your stitching is beautiful--glad the new glasses have helped get you back into stitching. Yikes on those lizard critters--thankful they eat mosquitoes and I think an encounter with them would freak me out! The wedding looks like a fun time for all

  6. Great WIPs, Karyn. And good that you found out about the new readers and can stitch now more easily. Tired eyes really turn you away from stitching.

  7. I too love the colors in the AAN piece! Looks like a really fun stitch. Great progress on your other pieces too. I am so glad you were able to get that stitchy bug back in action! And an open bar is always good for selfies! Cute picture :)

  8. What a great post Karyn! Fun and newsy with lots of colors! Love the stitching. We went to a wedding in Georgia over this past weekend, and it too was beautiful. Always love stopping in here.

  9. Those bright colours are cheerful....can't wait to see more of this design! I can totally relate to the problems of having glasses the correct magnification, I have several different pairs dotted all through the house :)

  10. One of the things I love most about Michigan is that there is only one poisonous snake, a small, rattle snake that is approaching endangerment and is rarely encountered and not too venomous. We don't have giant bugs like palmettos or other scary creatures. We do have cold. Lots of cold and on occasion, lots of snow! Trade offs everywhere!

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