Monday, July 17, 2017

Harvest Moon...

Good Monday morning, dear friend!

I hope that this new week finds you refreshed from the weekend, or at least exhausted but happy...

First for the Harvest, and then for the Moon...

Despite the soaring temps, my tomatoes have been going like gangbusters...

These are "Chocolate Covered Cherry," one of my heirloom varieties...they are not showing up in the pic as brown as they really are...they really do taste like a chocolate covered cherry! Thanks to Pa for the both the "harvesting" and the pic.

Now, on to the Moon...

I spent last week, and this past weekend working on AAN "Spring Moon," and I am pleased with my progress. I just love when a WIP begins to take the shape of the design and begins to reveal it's "personality."

It reminds me of those Big coloring books from my childhood that featured designs that we colored in with felt markers, which were old school originals of todays "Adult coloring books." However, as it was the 60s and we were kids, we had no idea that we were either relaxing, or for that matter stressed...who knew back then.

This has been really fun to stitch, as the color changes with each small design, which allows for frequent change, and therefor my attention from becoming deficient. I also adore the bright DMC colors! I should be switching to the next WIP in my rotation, but I am really enjoying this design so I decided to stay with it for a while longer...I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, dear friend.



  1. Karyn, your tomatoes are gorgeous. Interesting about their taste! Your WIP is looking good and I say continue on with it since you are enjoying it so much. Enjoy your day!

  2. I had heard of that variety of tomato before but did not know of their taste!!
    Such a pretty design you are stitching!

  3. That is a "happy" the bright colors! Keep on going!

  4. I love the bright colors of your spring moon! It certainly does look like a page out of one of the adult coloring books!

  5. Karyn, I've never heard of the chocolate covered cherry tomatoes. I am dying to try one now. I'll have to do some hunting and see if I can find them anywhere. I love the design you're stitching right now. I remember coloring for hours as a little girl. I haven't tried one of these new-fangled coloring books yet because my stitching and quilting seem to fill that void. They are definitely my stress relievers. --Andrea

  6. I LOVE that stitching piece. Great colors.

    Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen after a cool summer.

  7. Good looking tomatoes!! We are still tomato-less up here in PEI :( Soon though. And I am so loving your spring moon, the colors and little designs are so pretty!

  8. Hi, I just became a new follower, so happy to have found your blog. The Colors of Spring Moon are so happy! I have never seen tomatoes that color before but I would certainly enjoy trying them, the taste sounds so interesting. My friend RJ and I have a new blog and would love for you to come for a visit. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever2

  9. The tomatoes look amazing..who wouldn't want chocolate flavoured salad?

  10. Think it would taste weird, tomatoes with chocolate :p Nice stitching, I love it

  11. Karyn thank you for joining our blog today. I will be joining yours too. Those tomatoes sound very interesting and I would love to try. Love the colors in your new stitch. Have a great week. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  12. Spring Moon looks gorgeous. Such a colourful design - and I can easily understand that you didn't want to put it down for the next rotation piece. That's how all my rotation plans go out the window, lol.


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