Thursday, May 4, 2017

Where'd You Go Bernadette?

Good Thursday morning, dear friend!

Who the heck is Bernadette? And where did she go? Well, I borrowed the title from one of my most favorite novels, titled "Where'd You Go Bernadette" by Maria Semple...look it up and read it...It's the best! That being said, I used the title to emphasize the fact that I have been a rather errant blogger, as of late...and for all of my "many" readers (insert huge gafaw) I sincerely's been busy, busy, busy!

I have no real stitching to share, and as for the quilting...I got a bit overwhelmed and ferhoodled when I realized that the term "quilting" doesn't actually apply to the whole process of making a "quilt," but rather to the top stitching on the quilt! You heard me right prospective beginning quilters...those straight lines that finish off the quilt don't appear overnight by way of the "quilt fairys," but rather, it's the responsibility of the said quilter to apply them using one of a few techniques, including one such technique where in the quilter "stitches in the ditch"...sounds ominous, am I right?

Now, not being one to shy away from a challenge (I mean, ask anyone from my childhood and they will tell you I was the princess of the double dog dare) I gave machine quilting my gut all...I bought presser feet and ruler guides that promised straight and perfect quilting lines...not even! I ripped and stitched, and ripped and stitched for days...and being a cross stitcher I know how to rip with care...I've ripped more than a few pecks of frogs...but even my fabric was starting to show signs of despair, when I finally announced, to no one in particular, that I was putting the class project aside for a catch my breath and regain my confidence. Do not even get me started on the Long Arm Quilting machines...Good Lord! It may take a few weeks for me to get back to my class project, but I will find my way back and knowing myself, as I do, this setback will give me the determination to forge ahead and become one proficient quilter...any advice will be most appreciated...

Moving On...

Pa and I have been on two wonderful RV trips, since we took charge of our barge...

Our first and maiden voyage was to San Dimas, which is a short 45 minute drive from home...

Co-pilot Teagan at the helm...
We spent the weekend relaxing and getting to know our new toy...there's a lot to learn!

There she is in all her glory!

The RV Park was perfect for us first timers...but don't get me wrong, we are RVers from way back, but we have always rented all in one Rigs, so this is our first owned and pulled Rig...a whole new world for us and our SUV...which is rated great for this Trailer.

Thanks to the world of internet shopping, you can see that we have purchased some necessities...LOL...which is a bit dangerous because, let me tell you, RVers know how to enjoy life and they do love their toys! I have never seen so many Toy Haulers filled with humungous grills, portable gazebos, electric coolers, golf carts, and all manor of electric ride on vehicle! It is easy to get toy envy, but thankfully being our practical and frugal selves, we just keep making notes and researching just what our wants and needs are...a nice portable grill? check! Let's be honest, dear friend, a camping trip for this girl means grilled hot dogs and bacon for I right? However, a fancy golf cart with a special seat for Teagan and a personalized plate? Not so much! You get my drift...

The small lake that ran through the park
We had a lovely time, and came home feeling blessed.

Our second trip was another weekend stretch, but this time we trekked 3 hours away from home, and through the Sierra Range to the high dessert town of Kernville, where the Kern River runs...

Our wonderful camp site
This was really fun, as it was much more rural and felt like camping...and a whole group of friends were up there, as well for a weekend of mountain bike riding for Pa, and visiting for Ma and was a blast!

I even managed to get some stitching in...

While my buddy snoozed...

Granny Is No Square SAL by Carolyn Manning
Pathetic progress...though I'm loving this design and it's color scheme, but I kept finding myself staring off into the beauty that was all around me...moving outside to stitch didn't help at all.

We took a nice walk down to the river, where one cheeky miss had herself a ball playing in the clear water, and chasing imaginary frogs which were actually tiny fish...she slept well that night. I was bit nervous about taking her out on the road with us, but seeing as she has been on every trip we have ever taken, except for our cruise in 2010, there was no way that we could leave her behind after 14 years. She has done great, and after a bit of nervousness through the first trip, she made it through the second trip like a pro...she is now the queen of her rolling domain and shall be the mayor of each place we visit...Long may we run...

You may be wondering where Leo is in all of this...have no fear as he is actually doing quite well, and thanks to one Little Brother, he stays behind for a boys weekend with his favorite pack mate and best friend, at home, as he is no longer able to take on such arduous travels. We bring him back a treat!

I think we're gonna like this traveling thang!

So, there you have it, dear friend, all in a nut shell!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and some travels with us...stay posted for more!



  1. Karyn, it was good to read about your two travels in the RV. I really like your Granny is no square SAL piece. Did you know there is a quilt by the same name? I look forward to seeing your quilt top.

  2. So good to know what you have been up to.

  3. So good to know what you have been up to.

  4. What an exciting trip. Your SAL look wonderful

  5. Well you three have been having fun! Your SAL is pretty.

  6. Wow your sal is so pretty
    Love and smiles x

  7. RVing is so much fun! We just hauled ours out to get ready for the summer. Your granny squares look so good :) And you show that quilt who is boss! Ha!

  8. I am
    jealous - this is out plan someday ---- someday!

  9. It seems you are having a lot of fun with your new RV. And you even could get some stitching done during one of the trips.
    Sometimes it's good to put a project away for a while - and when you pull it out again it's easier to find a new solution.

  10. 2 joys - travel and embroidery together, what could be better :)))


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