Monday, March 27, 2017

My Quilting Nook...

Good Monday morning, dear friend!
Long see!

It's been quite a frenzy of activity around the homestead, as of late...some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly.

But first, let's talk a bit about that title...

I started my Beginning Quilting class on Tuesday...I loved it! I was bitten and now I'm smitten!

We are making a "Disappearing 9 Patch Table Runner," and I was the worst one in the class...I was slow, I was confused, I was lost, I had zero connection to the other four women (one being my own Mother LOL) who zipped along like they were born with quilting bees in their bonnets! I kept asking, "Is this a beginning class?" I even believe that one gal was a ringer because there is no way that anyone could be that fast her first time around! Now, keep in mind that I am in no way a schlep when it comes to sewing, I can certainly hold my own on my very old mechanical sewing machine, but let me tell you I sucked the whole 3 hours of class and came home with a lot of homework!

So, what's a girl to do?

First, after catching my breath, having a good whining fit/tears, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and turned to my friends to ask what a good sewing/quilting machine would be for beginning to advanced, and then having listened to their advice (because let's be honest we all know gals who ask for advice just for attention) I did lots of research, and then I turned to my hubby and announced "I need a new sewing machine because I was ashamed at Quilting Class, blah, blah, blah." Luckily I had him at "I need," and without further discussion I jumped on the Internet and thanks to my girls who gave me awesome advice, picked out a sewing machine and a hard carrying case...

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter...Be still my heart
I then proceeded to break up with my old trusty machine, explaining that we would still be friends, after all it was my first love and always would be. I then gently packed it up and stored it away so that I wouldn't be tempted to go back to it when my new one gave me some trying times while getting to know it.

My new toys arrived on Friday, and I spent Saturday playing and learning every inch of that machine...and I love it, and best of all it loves me...we are simpatico!

Here's some shots of my first week's accomplishment...
Disappearing 9 patch squares...

We chose three fat quarters of coordinating fabrics, and started by making strips, then squares, and this is what we ended up with...isn't it fabulous?

I loved the measuring and slicing, and measuring was a nice way to spend the day...checked out from the daily chaos, and tuned into something that is constant and beautiful...I'm in! When it's all finished it will be a wonderful table runner for my dining room table.

I have also decided that Tuesday, when we go back to class, I'm going to buy a charm pack and practice making 1/4 inch seams by sewing them together to make a little quilt. I plan to be all up in those 1/4 inch seams and a quilter in no time...until I hit the 5/8 seams...hopefully, soon I'll even be dreaming in 1/4 inches.

I didn't mention that my class was a Birthday gift from Me-Ma, and as an added bonus she is taking it with me...we love to do things together and she's truly my BFF, but in no way a me thinks that she knew that the only way to get me there and keep me there was to go along...she so gets me!

My Mom spent her career as a professional seamstress and is the most gifted needle crafter I have ever seen. My sister and I were so lucky to have such a talented Mom, (not to mention the best Mom ever) who taught us everything we know about the needle arts as soon we could sit still long enough to learn. I started sewing at around age 5 or 6, and haven't stopped yet! My sister is a wonderful quilter, and has made some gorgeous quilts, as well as braided rugs that are amazing, besides being a professional metal smith and artisan. They are both cheering me biggest cheerleaders always!

Moving on...

Let's start with The Good...

We celebrated Little Brother's 25th Birthday, this past week...25! How did my baby become 25...especially since I'm only 25 myself! It turns out that if you add up both Big Brother and Little Brother's ages it equals my age...53...funny, right? Not so much...

Anyhoo...Happy Birthday to our own Little Spring baby.


As you may, or may not know, Pa and I have spent the past few years thinking about adding a new "toy" to our next phase, in the form of an RV (We love RVing and have always rented them)...and after much planning and research, we purchased the newest addition to our family, though she currently remains unnamed...
Pa learning to "hook her up"
For those of you who know about such things, she is a Lance 1995 model, which has been a challenge to find since they are lightweight, very well made, and popular! We love her, and cannot wait to take her on her maiden voyage...I'll keep you posted!

Next, The Bad...

Well not bad, as much as sad...

Our sweet boy Leo is home, after spending a few days in doggy ICU for what turned out to be a bleeding ulcer.

Yes...that is a natural rainbow that appeared out of nowhere
This baby boy is our hero after beating cancer twice!

Thankfully the amazing team at ASEC was able to get things under control and we got to bring him home, Friday...with a new diet and a change up in his medication schedule. We don't really know how much longer we have with him, as each set back becomes more difficult to recover from...but, as we have said all along that as long as he still has a sparkle in his eye and a wag in his tail we will continue to shower him with love, love, love for as long as we have him...I mean, does anyone really know how long they have?

It was a week of much worry and many tears, but we all got through it...

I'll keep you posted!

Can't forget about The Just Plain Ugly...

We have had a nasty bug in our family...I seemed to have had it the worst, with a few days spent feverish and in bed. It started at my house, and then headed across the street to Me-Ma's house, and before it finally moved it's sorry virus self to another location, it spent some time at Unc's...we all ended up with stuffy heads and "schmootzy" lungs, and absolutely no energy...what a pain! But, we are all on the mend, thank goodness! I can't wait until Me-Ma, Unc, and I are all back in our morning walking routine.

Frequent hand washing's the only way to stay healthy from this varmint virus!

On the WIPocalypse front...

I have made very little progress this month...

A wee bit on CM Designs "Granny Is No Square" SAL

Did I mention that it's being hosted by Carolyn, her very sweet self? I am loving this WIP even though I'm moving slow...

I also have a start...

Stickideen von der Weißenburg "Flower Quaker"

I decided to stitch it on Antique White Monaco, using DMC Coloris "Hydrangia" (4504) and I think it's going to look nice, though I'm still deciding whether it's "too much."

Any thoughts, dear friend? I would love to hear your opinions and ideas...

This is what the model looks like...

It's rather boring (and a whole lotta pink) and since I have been wanting to try the new DMC Coloris line, this seemed like the perfect opportunity...I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and taking the time to read a rather long winded post.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better; hope everyone (including Leo) continues to be on the mend. Karen, your post was filled with lots of exciting things. I look forward to seeing your quilt come to life along with your current works. That Granny is No Square SAL piece is amazing. Wow!

  2. I hope you all continue to improve in health. I am praying for your dear Leo.♥ The RV is just so cool! So is the Flower Quaker. I, of course do NOT have a problem at all with the pink!!! ;) Oh my ! I just love Granny Is No Square! So fabulous!

  3. sorry about the bugs and all paws crossed for your wee furbaby ... its a worry when they are not feeling up to snuff that rainbow btw
    ohhhh wow that machine looks fab and well done for going to the quilting class too ... it is rather therapeutic isn't it all that cutting and sewing together .... love your new travelling bug too :) love mouse xxxxxx

  4. hiya ma:) you speak my quilting pain sista, you're braver than i. your support system will be a big help. congrats on your new rv and singer! sending many get well hugs to your home. happy tails and trails, wink wink... xo

  5. Welcome to the world of quilting! Happy Birthday to little Brother, hope your sweet pup is feeling better. Road trip adventures ahead.

  6. Poor Leo! Glad he is home with you again. Can't wait to hear more of your quilting adventures!! The fabrics you chose for you runner look so nice together. I wasn't really into the Granny Square SAL but seeing yours has just changed my mind, it looks great! And I really like the thread you chose for the Flower Quaker, very pretty :)

  7. lovely blog post. I like your DMC choice - very pretty. I am glad you are all feeling better. I hope Leo feels better with his new diet. I am so excited for your quilting class. I dabble in it as you know but not happily. I have oodles of patience for stiching but not for quilting - I know it doesn't make sense. I wish I loved it more - I do love when others find it rewarding!!

  8. Sorry to hear that you all seemed to have that ugly bug that stays for some time wirth you and makes you so ill. But it's good that you are all on the mend.
    Great new sewing machine, Karyn. And great new start into the adventure of quilting. I love the fabrics you chose for your first project and I'm looking forward to seeing how the adventure goes on.
    I love your Quaker stitching.

  9. I love the natural rainbow over to your little buddy there.

    Glad you are all feeling better!


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