Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time's Up...

Good Thursday morning, dear friend!

I finished the first 10 hour Rotation and even though I didn't quite catch up to the "Quaker Village" SAL ladies, I did make awesome progress...

I considered continuing past the 10 hour limit, since all that remained was the border on the left (between the flower and the house), but I remained steadfast and stopped. I am still enjoying this WIP so much that I kind of hated to put it down.

Next in the Rotation is my Focus Piece, which will be the May Smalls for my Dough Bowl, and since the first Smalls SAL check in date is in just a couple of weeks, I need to make more time for sitting and stitching than I have been.

Next Up...
I also finished my 2017 WIPocalypse List organizing and kitting, though it has taken me two weeks to finish...but it's done!

First Up is my 2017 WIPocalypse bin...

Each WIP is kitted up in a Jumbo ZipLoc bag, ready and waiting for me to choose what comes next in the Screaming Rotation, and pull it out.

Each Jumbo ZipLoc WIP bag is all kitted up with Chart, Fabric and Floss...

A peek inside of the ZipLoc...

Each WIP is ready to go...when it's turn comes up...with the floss bagged and tagged!

I like to keep my floss in bags on a ring while I am stitching, and each bag is tagged with its' name or number to make it faster and easier to find and thread my needle...

I label every bag, hang them in alphabetical order, and then stick the original tag inside with the floss.

And...Drum Roll Please...

It all came from my very own stash, so that I stayed within my Stitch From Stash commitment...though I need to point out that most of it had already been kitted up before I pulled it out of my craft closet, since I tend to buy everything at once for a WIP and keep it together until I'm ready, but the rest was pulled from my stash bins.

Well, then, I believe that's all I have to share, and I thank you for stopping by for a visit.



  1. Karyn, you made great progress on the Quaker Village piece. Good going! Thanks for sharing your WIP bin! Super that you were able to pull everything from Stash!

  2. Sounds like and looks like you have it all under control....

  3. Good progress - hope you're soon falling in love with project #2!

  4. Quaker Village is looking great. I'd have had a hard time putting it down, too. Thanks for sharing your WIP organization; with each project so ready to work on, it has to make your rotation move more smoothly.

  5. Quaker Village is looking great! It looks like a lot of fun to stitch with all the little motifs. I have never seen it before. Good luck on your rotation!

  6. You have had some real progress! I love the way you organize your projects.

  7. Your Quaker Village is so pretty.

  8. I just love the Quaker Village. You showed great restraint when you moved on.

  9. Greta progress!
    This is so pretty.
    You are so organized with your WIPS. :)

  10. Very nice progress for your first 10 hours. I organize my WIPs and TBSs (to be stitched) pieces like you do, although mine is a combination of Ziplocs and mesh project bags from the Container Store. So nice to just grab a bag and start rather than rummage around looking for all the bits.

  11. I love how organized you are! Your Quaker Village is so gorgeous!! Can't wait to see what you pick to work on next :)

  12. Great progress on Quaker Village.
    My WIPs are organized the same way and when I want to change to a new one I just pull out the bag and everything is in there and I can start immediately.

  13. Your Quaker Village is beautiful! Great progress!


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