Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stiching In 2017...

Good Sunday morning, on this first day of 2017, dear friend!

I woke up to 2017 ready to stitch, stitch, stitch...and I have my road map all planned out!

What I'll be participating in...

I will be continuing the "Quaker Village" SAL with the wonderful French group of ladies into 2017, as well as:
Smalls SAL

I have joined the Stitch From Stash Facebook Group, and have given myself a monthly budget of $25...I think that I can handle that!

How I am going to keep myself on the road to success...

I'm using a 10-hour Tapered Rotation: On this rotation, you make a list of all your WIPs, but rather than working on all of them before circling back around, you taper. So, for your first round, you stitch 10 hours on your first project. On the second round, you stitch 10 hours on your first project, then 10 hours on your second project. On the third round, you stitch 10 on the first, 10 on the second, and then 10 on the third. This style of rotation also gives you an easy way to add in new projects on a regular basis - at the end of each round, you start a new project before cycling back to your first project. You can also use empty slots (when your WIP is finished) as a place to start new projects.

I have chosen a total of 13 WIPs for my WIPocalypse, which feels very doable...finger's crossed.
I am going to actively stitch on five WIPs at a time, using the 10 hour Tapered Rotation.
I also have an "On Deck" (Yes, I did just use a baseball term for my stitching) list of Kitted-Up and ready to stitch Starts...I will chose which one to start next based on a Screaming Rotation.

Now for the most important part...

2017 WIPocalypse:
  • AAN "Spring Moon"
  • Becky Boo's "Welcome"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Heart"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Tree"
  • Dough Bowl Smalls: January, May, June, August
  • Jardin Prive "Quaker Village"
  • Just Nan "Ornamental Advent"
  • La D Da "Bless Our Home"
  • Laura J. Perin "Grandmother's Garden"
  • Lizzie Kate "Prayer of Saint Francis"
  • Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking"
  • Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking"
  • Stickideen von der Weißenburg "Flower Quaker"
2017 Stitching Rotation:
5 WIPs at a time...10 Hour Tapered Rotation
  1. Jardin Prive "Quaker Village" (Current WIP)
  2. Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking (New Start)
  3. La D Da "Bless Our Home" (New Start)
  4. Dough Bowl Smalls "May" (New Start)
  5. Becky Boo's "Welcome" (Current WIP)

On Deck:
Order of List Is Not Decided...All Kitted UP
  • Dough Bowl Smalls: January, June, August
  • Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking"
  • Stickideen von der Weißenburg "Flower Quaker"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Heart" (For me)
  • Lizzie Kate "Prayer of Saint Francis"
  • Laura J. Perin "Grandmother's Garden"
  • Lizzie Kate "Prayer of Saint Francis"
  • AAN "Spring Moon"

These will stay in the dark, for now, as I am just not ready to pick them up again
  • Praire Schooler "ABCs"
  • Ink Circles "99"
  • Ink Circles "Bee's Knees"
  • AAN "Spring Moon"
  • AAN "Cottage"
  • CM Designs "Summer Garden Labyrinth"
There you have it, my plan for the year...I think I can complete it by the end of the year...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Please check back often, dear friend, as I will keep the blog updated...and I just love when you stop by for a visit.

I send you off into the year ahead with a blessing...

May you always be blessed 
With walls for the wind
A roof for the rain
A warm cup of tea by the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all that your heart might desire



Justine said...

Happy new year! I'm really intrigued by your tapered rotation and look forward to seeing you make awesome progress on your WIPs in 2017!

Syd said...

Happy New Year! You are so organized! I am looking forward to watching your progess in the year ahead!

Robin in Virginia said...

Karyn, I am here cheering you on. Your plan sounds like a good one and I look forward to seeing your progress during the year. Happy New Year to you!

gracie said...

Oh my goodness...what a plan...I am sure you will stick to it...I will be watching!!!!

Khristine Doiron said...

I love that blessing at the end. That would be a sweet pattern! I am really looking forward to follow your progress this year!

Shebafudge said...

Happy New Year. It sounds like you have a great stitching year all lined up!

I love the sound of your tapered rotation and think that maybe I will give this a go. I have been trying to work out how to get loads of time on one particular project but stitch on others as well. This would hopefully work for me. Thank you :)

Susan said...

Interesting idea and one I will have to think about once I'm done with my obligation stitching.