Monday, January 30, 2017

My Second WIPocalypse Post...

Good Monday morning, dear friend!

It's time for the second WIPocalypse post of 2017 and just in the nick of time, as I hear they have moved up the "Doomsday Clock" by thirty minutes!

But first, to answer this month's question...

What SAL’s are you participating in this year?

It would seem that my SAL list doesn't change much from year to year, with an addition here and a completion there...

My 2017 SALs list:
With that said, I am hearing some wee whispers from Carolyn Manning about a new SAL that begins in March, and as I am quite intrigued I may just need to join...more on that later as information becomes available.

So, now that I have made ya'll wait for my it update without further pause...

My WIP Rotation has had some...well...Rotations, so to speak, as it has required a bit of monkeying with it to get it right for me. I started with a "10 hour Rotation," then changed to a "10 Hour Focus Rotation," so that I could focus on my May Monthly Smalls, which took less than 10 Hours to finish. I realized that I didn't need a Focus WIP, since the smalls are very quick. That's how I then ended up returning to my current and the original "10 Hour Rotation." 
Are you still with me, dear friend? 
Wondering what all of this Rotation speak is about? Click "Here" for more information on Rotations, thanks to Liz at Stitchybox.

Now, for the Fun Stuff...

My Finishes...

Lizzie Kate "Play Time"

Lizzie Kate "May Flip It"

SamSarah "Patti's Garden"

Cross-Stitch & Needlepoint Magazine
"Spring Motifs"
March 2014

SamSarah "Splish Splash"

Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine
"Spring Motifs"
March 2014

SamSarah "May Flowers"

My Progress...

I realize that I have only made progress on one WIP, but before you give me a sniff and a nod, I am a bit of a perfectionist and when "Village Quaker" starting running "a-muck" and Señor Frog reared his ugly head, I found myself taking it personally and just had to make it right. I decided that the only way to get this WIP whipped into proper form was to finish the darn thing...and so I am almost finished with just a bit of border left

January 1st "Quaker Village" photo...

Sadly, I realized that I hadn't taken a full pic...but you get the idea.

January 29th photo...

Sorry about the wrinkles, as it just came off the Q-Snaps...

This has been a really fun SAL, for two reasons, the first being that I am doing this with a French group of ladies, who really don't speak English and as I don't speak French (except for the pitiful High School French that I remember) it's been a very cool experience...and they have been so sweet and welcoming. The second reason, despite the Frog and Frustration this is a very fun stitch!

Anyhoo, my plan is to continue stitching on this until I finish it, and then I will get myself back on the "10 Hour Rotation" for the remainder of the year. This month showed me that participating in the WIPocalypse is going to teach me how to move through my WIPs faster and more efficiently and will also (fingers crossed) remedy the UFOs hiding in my closet. We call this "Accountability" children, something that this girl sorely needs...and is the reason that we can't have nice things!

So, there you have it fellow WIPocalypse buddies, and a huge "Thanks" to our very dear Melissa, over at Measi's Musings for hosting another year.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. Looking good....the smalls are wonderful.

  2. YOU! Why?! I did NOT need to see the Granny Square SAL. NO I DID NOT. It is so beautiful! Oh my!

  3. Love the stitches. I think you've posted more this month than all last year! I'm glad!

  4. Oh my gosh! You are so close on Quaker Village! Good for you! Very impressed with how much stitching you accomplished this month, maybe I should join this Wipocalypse SAL :)

  5. Quaker Village is so beautiful and your smalls are really cute.

  6. Karyn, you have made fabulous progress on the Quaker Village piece. It is beautiful.

  7. Quaker Village is stunning! I have never really wanted to stitch a Quaker but I feel I'm being drawn to them...I think it's the little motifs, each one a mini finish.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, your Quaker Village. And so near completion.
    Great stitching in January.


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