Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Forming My 2017 Stitching Plan...

Good Tuesday evening, dear friend!

I hope that your Christmas was all that you had hoped for and more, and if you are celebrating Hanukkah that it is blessed.

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with good food, loving friends, and blessed family.

I have been working hard figuring out my stitching plan for 2017, and I must say that it's coming along nicely

I'm going to start implementing a WIP rotation, which I have never done before, but I think that it will help me stay on track throughout the year and hopefully result in a whole bunch of finishes.

After reading your blogs and studying the different rotations, I decided that I will be using a 10-hour Tapered Rotation: On this rotation, you make a list of all your WIPs, but rather than working on all of them before circling back around, you taper. So, for your first round, you stitch 10 hours on your first project. On the second round, you stitch 10 hours on your first project, then 10 hours on your second project. On the third round, you stitch 10 on the first, 10 on the second, and then 10 on the third. This style of rotation also gives you an easy way to add in new projects on a regular basis - at the end of each round, you start a new project before cycling back to your first project. You can also use empty slots (when your WIP is finished) as a place to start new projects.

I think that this will be the right rotation for me...we shall see :)

I have also decided to jump in with both feet and try my hand at Counted Canvas Needlepoint, and have been looking at both Needle Delights and Laura J. Perin. I have been stitching for most of my life, and adore both counted cross stitch and what could be better than combining the two!
I decided to go with Laura J. Perin, after reading some blogs and looking at designs, and ordered "Grandmother's Garden," along with the charted floss and fabric, and I can't wait to get started!
If anyone wants to stitch along with me, just order your stash and join in!

2017 "SALs"
I will be continuing the "Quaker Village" SAL with the wonderful French group of ladies into 2017, as well as:
  • WIPocalypse
  • Smalls SAL
  • IHSW
If you know of any other SALs, please let me know!

  1. Jardin Prive "Quaker Village"
  2. Bothy Threads "Love Tree"
  3. Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking
  4. Dough Bowl Smalls "May"
  5. AAN "Cottage"
  6. CM Designs "Summer Garden Labyrinth"
  • Just Nan "Ornamental Advent"
  • Prairie Schooler "ABCs"
  • Ink Circles "99"
  • Ink Circles "Bee's Knees"
  • AAN "Spring Moon"
Dough Bowl Smalls:
  • Haven't Been Stitched: January, May, June, August
  • Stitched But Not Finished: September, December
  • Finished: February, March, April, July, October, November
Plan To Stitch:
  • Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking"
  • Laura J Perin "Grandmother's Garden"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Heart" (For me)
  • Lizzie Kate "Prayer of Saint Francis"
  • La D Da "Bless Our Home"
  • Dough Bowl Smalls: January, June, August
I will be adding to my "Plan To Stitch" list as I continue to sort through my stash...and as you know me, there will be a fair amount of monkeying around with my plan before it gets the final seal of approval...and I'm not sure how to handle my UFOs, as they became UFOs so long ago that I don't remember why they were relegated to the back of the craft closet.

I'll be sitting here, thinking and planning until my brain gets tired...then I will turn to ice cream, and nap for a bit...and then I will think and plan some more ;) Did I ever tell you the story of how I used to make my Sister irritated? I would tell my wee niece (who is now 21) that she didn't need to be smart because she was me," I was just kidding of course, it was more for the benefit of watching my independent, self-assured, very smart Sister squirm...LOL

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Barb said...

I sounds like a very good plan. You will get a lot of stitching finished. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia said...

Karyn, you have come up with a good plan and I wish you the best with it. What are the monthly smalls that you have included? I will be here cheering you on!

Sandy said...

I like your rotation, I need to come up with something that will help me get stuff finished. Your 2017 plan sounds good. If you are in southern Cal, do you belong to our group of stitchers? We meet twice a month.

Can't wait to see your progress :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I was always to lazy to make a stitching plan. I am more of the stitching whatever appeals to me. Best wishes with your plan!

Justine said...

I've never heard of a rotation like that and I'll be interested to see how you get on. I like how you stitch more on certain projects so your finishes should be spread through the year. Good luck!

gracie said...

Sounds like a very good plan. Hope your New Year will be fantastic.

gracie said...

Sounds like a very good plan. Hope your New Year will be fantastic.

Vickie said...

I am very impressed with your organization Karyn! Hope it works out well my friend!

stitchersanon said...

It all sounds very organised! Maybe you could help me get my but into gear lol xxx Lovely projects, all of them xx

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I am excited to see how this works for you. I like rotation especially on big projects - helps with boredom and I can put new ones in!!

Jackie said...

The link to the rotations was very interested. I like the tapered rotation as it allows for a primary focus project it seems. I am looking forward to seeing how this works for you. I don't have any real plans yet other than I'd like to start a couple of things and of course finish up a couple of things. Nothing concrete yet though!

Lillie said...

Rotation sounds good and you'll get to work and finishing your WIP. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your rotation sounds like a good idea and a great way to have one focus piece while still working on others.
In addition to the SAL you are already doing, you can join my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL any month that you have something suitable to share with us.

Syd said...


Love this post! What are your Dough Bowl Smalls? I took a brief look at your blog and didn't see them.


Khristine Doiron said...

Looking forward to following along with all your plans. That rotation sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see how it works for you!