Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I'm All About That Back....

Or rather that back is all about me!

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving and ate more than your own weight in turkey and fixins'!

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving, with Pa, Me-Ma, Little Brother, BIL and Myself. Me-Ma and I cooked and laughed our way through the week, despite the fact that I had managed to throw my back out the Sunday before...which put a bit of a literal "hitch" in my giddy-up...but that didn't stop me from making sure the usual goodies were in abundance on the table. I did make one modification in the menu, however, and opted for ordering my pies from Marie Calendars instead of making them myself. I was afraid that once my family tasted the professionally prepared alternative, they would declare my homemade pies impostors and refuse to ever allow another one to grace our holiday table...but, to my delight they declared "The pies were good, but yours are way better." Gosh, I love these guys! A huge shout out goes to Me-Ma who took over much of the cooking and Little Brother who was always willing to lend a hand or two to the cause...kisses!

My back is slowly getting better, emphasis on "slowly." I have had back issues before and I consider myself to have a pretty decent pain tolerance...but wowza! I have never experienced back pain like this...where I cry out in pain each time I go from sitting to standing, or attempt most simple activities of daily living. I have done everything I can to alleviate it, and it has eased up quite a bit, but I am still in a significant amount of discomfort despite alternating heat and ice, multiple visits to the chiropractor, and a massage here and there...so, after 10 days, it's time to admit that I need to call the doctor...I must also mention that I turned 53 on Friday which is a bit of bitter irony, if you ask me...'ll keep you posted.

I haven't made any stitching progress due to my back, which is such a bummer because I am doing a lot of reclining these days...but it hurts to stitch...so I find myself watching a lot of Hulu while wishing that I had WIP in hand. I am anxiously awaiting the next and final "Coma Girl" chapter to be delivered to my Kindle on December 1st, which will take me less than an hour to blaze through...in other words...I am extremely bored!

There ya have it kids...not much to report...Thanks for stopping by.



  1. So sorry you're in so much pain. I'm glad you decided it's time to see the doctor. But you really came through on your Thanksgiving dinner; wish I'd been there!

  2. Oh my goodness. I hope you will soon be feeling better and back (ha ha) to stitching. It is time to decorate for Christmas!

  3. Oh my goodness. I hope you will soon be feeling better and back (ha ha) to stitching. It is time to decorate for Christmas!

  4. Well that sucks! I'm glad you had a good turkey day in spite of the pain! Feel better soon!!

  5. I'm so sorry sweetie!! See if you can find a physical therapist who is trained in manual manipulation. It is different than regular PT and different from chiropractic too. It's been the answer to all of my dreams for my back/neck/head pain!

  6. Oh no! I am so sorry Karyn. I have had hip/back issue for 11 years now, no fun. I agree, PT made a HUGE difference for me. I do exercises at home still. Glad you are being seen by a doctor.

  7. So sorry about your back. Mine went out earlier this year and I actually had to borrow Jack's walker to get around! Prayers for your quick healing.

  8. Sorry to hear that your back continues to bother you and glad you are going to the doctor for it. It sounded like you had a wonderful feast on Thanksgiving.

  9. Sorry to hear you are having back troubles. There isn't much worse than an sore back! I hope you get healed up quickly!!


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