Saturday, September 17, 2016

We Have Some Progress, Baby!

Happy Saturday, dear friend!

Let me start by saying..."It's hot and getting hotter in So Cal!"  It was just last week, that we Angelenos began to feel the beginnings of that fall nip in the air, and even wore sweaters for the first time at night...but, alas, the dog days of summer had other ideas and reared their ugly heads, yet again. We are expecting triple digits into Tuesday...oy!

The reason I asked ya'll to stop by today is to share some real progress with you...

First, let me show you my SAL progress on "Quaker Village" by Jardin Prive,...

I love this WIP, as I am finding it both relaxing and enjoyable, which makes it a great evening stitch...I am actually keeping up with my SAL ladies since I can stitch while we watch Football and nighttime TV!

Look for a progress update next month.


Let me show you my progress on "Cottage" by AAN...

I'm enjoying this WIP, as well. I love the colors and cannot wait to add the metallic floss which will come next...check back for more progress soon!

I have finished stitching all of the September Dough Bowl smalls, but I still need to sew them up, so I will wait and share those next week...but trust me, they are so cute!

Next up is some non-stitchy stuff...

Little Brother, as you may or may not know is our resident actor and graduated from College with a Theater Degree. He has many live productions, as well as commercial and film spots under his belt, but he recently scored a role as the main character in a film that was created by a very talented group of UCSB film school students. We are so proud of the film and can't wait for it's arrival on the film festival scene...but in the mean time I was gifted, by Little Brother himself, with an autographed movie poster, which I wasted no time in having framed...

I just love it and cannot stop staring at it...I'm really proud of my hard working kiddos!


Little Brother took time out of his crazy schedule to hang my new mailbox...

Our old one was on it's last leg and I finally said..."Time for a new one," which pleased our mailman since there is no longer a hole in the bottom that swallowed everything up...I think it may have even been haunted LOL.

Like the "Mail" decal? I bought it on Etsy from a wonderful shop called "The Stickerhut," that carries all kinds of wonderful vinyl wall quotes, sayings and words...not to mention decals for all over your home and property...check it out!

There you have it, dear friend...progress!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I hope your day is the bee's knees'!


  1. Well aren't you stitching up sweet stuff?! That is so cool for your son! Good for him!

  2. Great stitching progress. Be sure to keep the actor photos coming!

  3. Super progress on both of your projects! I am really enjoying the piece by Jardin Prive. Well done wishes to your son and his acting endeavor(s)! Love the look of your new mailbox and thank you for providing the link. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. So cool to have a movie poster! He must be super excited. I wish his film much success!

    Glad to see you are stitching again!

  5. Come up here - 60 and rainy yay!! How cool is your son? Super!!!

  6. Wow,lots going on for you congrats on little brother. Nothing like getting recognition and getting to achieve your dream. Hope this is the first of many more roles for hom. Will be watching for the festivals take on Sawyers Studio. Love love the Quaker Village. The colors are so pretty. And thanks for the tip about Stickerhut. I will definitely check them out. Looking forward to seeing progress. Robin

  7. Oh the stitching is so pretty and who could blame you for being proud of that poster and all. It is hot and air you can wear here in NW Arkansas.

  8. Beautiful stitching on both pieces! They look great!! Congrats to you son!! And I would have framed that poster right away too! I love the Mail decal, it is too cute :)

  9. Nice seeing your progress! I like the 'cottage' project so much ♥

  10. Congrats to your brother on this great role! Hope the hot spell is over soon. :)


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