Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 2016 TUSAL Report

Better late than never...but not entirely my fault.

First, my ORT jar for 2016...

And the close up too...

You can see it's barely filled, but that's more due to a lack of stitching than to a lack of frogging...and yes, that is a Popsicle stick in there, which I decided to leave since I took a break from stitching to enjoy my newest obsession...

Weight Watchers Giant Latte bars...they are the bomb! They fit in perfectly to the new plan, and they are only 4 Smart Points, totally easy peasy to fit into my day,! Love them!

If you just read the above and totally understand what I just said...raise your hand!

Now, for the reason that I am late with the TUSAL report...I was unable to take a see, my iPhone took a bit of a dive into my coffee cup and fried itself...I take no responsibility as it literally did a half gainer and plopped itself right into my full, hot coffee cup. I put it into a bowl of rice for 24 hours, and it never seemed to recover...however, I must confess that this was not it's first experience with swimming, since I accidentally dropped it into the toilet (yes, clean water) about a month ago...I know, I actually received quite a lecture from Pa about the value of things and a lack of focus and appreciation for technology...wah, wah, wah....luckily, knowing me, we had purchased insurance and I was able to get a new one overnight...anywho, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...stop by again soon!


  1. Oh my! Sorry to read about your phone mishaps! Nice tusal container!

  2. oh rats!! I dropped one into a cup of hot chocolate once. It was a sliding face and when I slid it it just jumped into the cup. I understood the thingy you said - I like the skinny cow sandwiches yuuum

  3. Maybe it's better I don't have a smart hone-yet that is.

  4. Oh dear sorry to hear about your phone
    Love and hugs x

  5. I think you really need to be more careful with the phone...

  6. Great looking ort jar! I love the popsicle stick in it :) And hopefullly you have better luck with the new phone!!

  7. Love your ort jar! I emptied mine out and am using the same one but need to get something else so I don't put other stuff in there like scissors and EOS.

  8. Oh dear.... I think your phone had issues with liquid!! Great ORT jar :o) Going to fun watching you fill that up this year!!
    Hugs xx

  9. Great post and I am positive it is the phone's fault.

  10. Ugh. That is such a hassle to replace a phone. Maybe you will get one that isn't so fond of swimming.
    Don't show me that ice cream... I am weak.
    I am trying to do the WW thing too. It is very hard traveling!
    I spy a few orts!

  11. Hi Karyn, your jar is so lovely! Happy stitching!

  12. Hello Karyn! I have been thinking about you! I hope you and Pa and the kids are doing well!


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