Saturday, November 21, 2015

Love Heart Progress

Good Saturday evening to you!

I realized that it's been quite some time since I last updated this, last week I took some time to give it a face lift with a more appropriate fall feel to the whole theme, and I added a new page full of my tried and true, favorite recipes...titled "Recipe Box."

It's hard to get into the whole fall holiday groove when it's in the 80's outside! I was spoiled by our years in New England where we lived by the seasons and just rolled with the changes that nicely categorized our lives into Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall...with very little work on our part, other than rearranging our wardrobes and adjusting our daily activities...I miss that a bit, and find that it takes a lot of work to get myself into the whole Bing Crosby, "White Christmas" frame of mind while I drive down the boulevard flanked by cactus and palm trees swaying in the breeze...I used to live "Christmas in Connecticut" and now I live "Little Miss Sunshine," but who's complaining...certainly not me, it's a nice gig if you can get it!

Anyhoo...this post is titled "Love Heart Progress," not "Wain Reflective" so on with it...

I have really enjoyed this WIP! It's my first ever Bothy Threads and my only complaint is why did I wait so long to attempt one! This kit is a dream, as it comes with everything needed and then was the first kit that I didn't find myself in a snit, having run out of floss before I ran out of stitches...I had plenty of very nice quality floss. The charts are pre-stitching enlargement needed, and I was provided both a working copy that is just the cross stitching (all full crosses, I might add) and a finishing copy that has all of the beading and back-stitching overlaid upon the working chart...gorgeous! I am thinking that I may order myself another kit in the "Love" series, next...but, for now here's my progress...

I have finished all of the cross stitching, and have begun the back stitching...

I'll keep you posted as it all comes together.

Last Wednesday was our Monthly Garden Club meeting, which MeMa and I attend together, along with two cousins and my amazing aunt. It seems that they had misplaced my aunt's name tag, so we made do...

We all had a good giggle over it, and laughed until we practically tinkled ourselves!

My amazing, Nonagenarian Auntie....Isn't she gorogeus?

I just couldn't allow the moment to pass without a photo of MeMa and my Auntie Edna...the matriarchs of our family...beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, dear friend!


  1. Ohh the stitching is lovely. Your family is cute!

  2. Happy to see your post today. Love the family pictures. The heart is lovely.

  3. Your heart is looking lovely. What beautiful smiles they are sporting! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. What a lovely visit it was. That stitching is just so cheerful and pretty.

  5. How nice to be able to do things with your family!! The cross stitch is very pretty!

  6. I have seen that heart. Gorgeous!
    hahaha! Fun. Love that you are with your family once again.

  7. Great progress on Love heart! It's going to be beautiful finished!

  8. Love Heart is beautiful and I love the name tag hehe!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Pa and family, will be thinking of you during the holidays dear friend... xo

  10. Those ladies look amazing! So stylish and chic. I love MeMa's name badge too, she is wearing it with panache.
    I'm a Bothy fan too, the kits are just such good quality. Your Love Heart looks so pretty.


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