Monday, November 23, 2015

Is This Place For Real?!

Suwanne Valley Cross Stitch
Good Monday morning, dear friend!

I always feel kind of funny saying "Good Monday morning," because it feels rather "Oxymoron-ish" if you know what I "Colossal Shrimp" or "Government Intelligence," to name a couple (wink wink!) but anyhow, here we are another Monday...

I have a rather odd habit (what else is new) which requires no travel, but takes me anywhere I want to go, for as long as I wish to stay...and costs me nothing but time, a bit of electricity, and my dear laptop. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed or rather "ferhoodled" for one reason or another, I simply sit down in my big comfy couch and head out on a wonderful journey. I never start out with a destination in mind, I just Google something random and explore wherever it takes me...and you know how that goes when you start out on a Google search, one thing leads to another and before you know it you're knee deep in minutia. I have visited the Ancient Pyramids and Stonehenge, I have window shopped at Harrods and Pike's Place...I have drooled over Cross Stitch Shops from here to Queensland, Australia...and I have even explored my very own town...all without leaving my house.

I had always thought that if I had the ability to visit someplace, in real life, that was "to die for" stitching wise, it would either be Indiana, Wisconsin, or Ontario in girls have the best shops and stitching groups! Bazinga!

Where am I going with this? Well, last night I was on one of my "trips" and stumbled upon the most amazing Needlework Shop in Trenton, Florida, named Suwannee Valley Cross Stitch. I think I may have found my real happy place...formerly known as, the Starbucks inside Target. The Shoppes that make up this little shopping center are amazing, and seem to include a sewing shop with both machine and hand quilting supplies, cross stitch shop, tea room, cafe, and (gulp) soda mention a few! I have now saved it as my go to digital "happy place." Go check it out at the link above and if you are lucky enough to live within driving distance, hop in the buggy and get a move on...pedal to the medal people!

If you have been there please let me know...Is this place for real?!

"Next Stop Willoughby" indeed, because we've just entered the Twilight Zone!

Have a wonderful Day, and thank you for stopping by and taking a bit of digital travel with me...


  1. I just checked it out! Fantastic! Love real brick and mortar LNSs.

  2. What a wonderful idea. I've never been to for a look!

  3. What a marvelous idea. Guess I will be traveling later.

  4. I get on google earth and "drive" around towns i wamt to visit or used to live. There was a fantastic webcam in Homer AK that i visited frequwntly but it has been frozen awhile. Also -penguins-rhere is a zoo with a webcam that is fun to watch! Love the internet

  5. Not sure what I would do without the internet! I also love virtually travelling around :)

  6. The internet has definitely made the world smaller or closer . Just looked at the stitching community, blogging brought me to your home from across the continents. I never failed to drooled on the cross stitch shops and the craft retreats which can never happen on my shore.

    Have fun !

  7. I have received my chart in the mail. Can't wait for the SAL to start.


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