Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm Here...

Good Wednesday morning, dear friend!

It's been a while...did you think I had fallen off the face of the earth?

It's been busy around here!

Little Brother is now home and we have been spending a lot of time hanging out with him, helping him move home after spending the past five years way up yonder...we are enjoying having him home. I can't wait to see where the next phase of life takes him...I know that it will be filled with adventure and excitement, and I am so blessed to have a front row seat!

I have managed to get it some real progress on the Stitchy Front, and even participated in Dixie Sampler's Haunted Harvest Exchange, which was above and beyond my wildest expectations...what a wonderful group of friends!

Here is a collage pic of what I received from my dear friend Mary Schreiner...

 Isn't she just the sweetest and most talented gal? Yes indeed!

And here's a snap of what I sent to my recipient, and dear friend, Jan Croon...

I stitched Shepherd's Bush "Halloween Trifles" for her, what fun it was to stitch and create this treat for such a dear friend!

In other news...I have a few finishes to share with you...

First, I sent both MeMa and Little Brother's Sherpherd's Bush stockings to our dear Faye over at Carolina Stitcher, so that she can put her magical finishing touch upon them...I cannot wait to see them! I will share pics when the arrive back all ready to hang come Christmas season.

Here's a little peek, so as not to give away the secret...

Little Brother's SB Stocking

MeMa's SB Stocking

I finished the Mystery Summer SAL that was hosted by Natalie of With My Threads...

I just need to decide how I want to finish it...hmmm

This was such a fun design to stitch, and the floss colors were to die for! My only complaint about it all was the floss that I chose to stitch with. The chart was designed using your choice of either Anchor or DMC, and as I had never tried Anchor, I thought I would give it a whirl...the colors that Natalie used looked so vibrant and yummy. However, as soon as I began to stitch with it, I quickly discovered how really badly the floss and I halfway through it was cursing and tears (and that was by the floss!) It was dry and rough feeling, and it snagged and broke every few stitches! I would love to know if anyone else has had anything close to this kind of experience with Anchor Floss. I can honestly say that it gave me a new found appreciation for DMC...

I have been working on my WIP for our very talented StitcherAnon's "Coven of the Year" SAL...

I am having so much fun stitching this, and each Month we get a new Witch along with a small bio about her...loving this SAL!

I have also made great progress on my Praire Schooler Santas...


Prairie Schooler "2015 Santa"
And 2014...

Prairie Schooler "2014 Santa"
Two down and many to go, which is fine because I am just loving stitching these up!

In even more news...

I received the sweetest RAK from our very dear Parsley over at Season's Of My Mind...

She created this amazing Halloween ornament just for me!

Look at the spooky pumpkin on the front...

And this is the back...

I love it! She also included fun fall treats, and delicious candy...and the best needle minder ever. which happens to be sitting on my current WIP...

It says "Stitch Friends" and I adore it...Thanks Parse!

It was such a fun mail week...

My very first StitchyBox subscription arrived...

I'm so excited...this Autumn "Falling Leaves" box rocks!

I ordered the Big Picture Box
Each box is sponsored by a product...this month it's by Thread Cutterz, and includes a sweet pink "ThreadCutterz" floss cutting ring, a 2 skeins of WDW floss, 1 DMC floss, 1 Thread Gatherer "Silk n Colors" floss, and a spool of Kreinik Silk Bella floss, and a cute little gold Acorn charm. Also included are 3 pieces of fabric, one 16ct Aida, another is 28ct , and the 3rd is a finishing fabric. Everything came wrapped inside sweet decorated bags, and all the items were coordinated in fall I just have to decide what I want to do with them...which is no problem because StitchyBox also has a blog!

I received my Halloween Travel Mug surprise from Crazy Annie's...

Look at all that fun stashy...Woohoo and Thanks Annie!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and suffering through those many pics...

Hugs Ya'll


  1. HOLY WOW you've been a busy gal!! Lovely gifts from friends too!! Plus I love your blog template - very cool!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, what a lovely, long post - I loved reading all of your news. What a lot of stitchy goodness being shared all around, so hard to choose a favourite stitched piece.

  3. What wonderful stitching! And all that new stash - woo hoo! I enjoy your blog - I have been away from the blogging world for a few years. It has been nice to see that you are still blogging - I always enjoyed your posts! I am looking forward to keeping up with you stitching adventures!

  4. It was an awesome week of mail I would say! So many lovely gifts. You have been really busy on your projects. They all look so wonderful.

  5. Good to see you and all your wonderful stitching and such.

  6. Wow! Stitchy overload! :)
    So glad Little Brother is home!

  7. Where to begin...wonderful stitching, great exchanges and love the surprise stitching box. There!

  8. So much excitement!! Your stitching is lovely! I love the PS Santas and I can't wait to see the SB stockings all finished. I so want to sign up for the stitchy boxes but that will have to wait until I stop being a stay at home mom and start making some money again :)

  9. What fabulous stitch overload you shared! Your PS Santas look great. I know you are happy to have your son home.

    Robin in Virginia

  10. Beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  11. Ugh, what a terrible post with all the photos to look at! LOL. Your friend sent a wonderful parcel for you, I love the little crocheted pumpkins and The Spell of the Moon.
    The sneak peeks at the stockings look good and I love the idea of the Stitchy Box too.

  12. Such a great catch-up post with a lot of stitchy delight. You have been very busy stitching your PS Santas and have already finished two. Great start on the series.


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