Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Words Of Wisdom...

From the experts...

Good Wednesday morning!

I wanted to share some wonderful advice from our very wise and dear Facebook friends over at Needlework Designers. If you are not familiar with them, they are members of the International Needlework Designers Association who have created a wonderful community page to support needlework designers and educate the public about copyright issues.

They have put together a short summary to try to assist people in what to avoid on forums or web sites, as they have received comments recently from people using Chinese sites saying they didn't know the charts were illegal copies...

In their own words...

"It is a non-exhaustive pointer guide. The countries specified are examples as obviously not all sites from these countries are violating copyrights but unfortunately the worst sites are found on their servers & take down requests are often totally ignored. Mainly it is common sense but sometimes it can be hard to tell which is why we recommend anyone in doubt to ask either a designer, a specialized forum, or the Association. This is a basis for educating and debate on the subject, as most of our posts are."

Taken, with permission, directly from Needlework Designer Facebook Page
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Just today this issue came up on one of the FB groups. Never too many reminders.

  2. Too many designers have walked away from designing because of infringements.

  3. Good information. We need to support all the wonderful designers!

  4. Great info! It is too bad it isn't easier to shut down these websites that offer the illegal charts.


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