Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stitch From Stash September 2015

Good Saturday morning, dear friend

Let me start this by saying, "It's Hot!" I am in no way complaining, however that being said, the temps have been hanging in the 100s for the past few weeks, and we even welcomed the first day of Fall with a hearty 102 at high noon...ouch!

I might have a twinge of melancholy for those New England years spent heralding in fall and football with that tickle of change in the leaves and scent of something that was both spicy and sweet in the air...but you just can't beat a fall football season that includes both flip flops and I right?!

Anyhoo...on to the real reason for this's that time again, time for my September SFS report, and all in all I didn't do too bad!

Month: September

Carryover: $18.04
September Budget: $25
Beginning Balance: $43.04

Credit: +$8.55
From Shamrock Threads (AAN 2016 Halloween SAL) lost it's way from Italy and never arrived, after a month I asked for a refund to my Paypal

Amended Beginning Balance: $51.59

Dixie Sampler's Haunted Harvest Exchange gifts: $18
JCS Digital "Halloween 2015" $9.99
Threadworx "Grapes" 20 yard $4.10
Carrie's Threads "Epiphany" $1

Total Spent: $33.09

Monthly Subscriptions:
2015 JCS Digital Magazine Subscription: Exempt
Stitching Bits & Bobs September "Monthly Bits" Floss: Exempt
Silver Needle Auto Ship Pine Mountain September"Monthly Snapshots": Exempt

Shepherd's Bush "Sadie's Stocking" 124x180 = $14
2014 Prairie Schooler Santa 75x57 = $6
Shepherd's Bush Halloween Trifles "Halloween" 78x25, "EEK" 32x32, "Boo" 39x40 ($4+$2+$2) $8
Total Earned: $28

Carryover to October: $46.50

As always, please let me know if I need to change anything :-)

I think I did pretty darn good, as I seem to be running along at a steady far!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and for bearing with me, (notice the spelling back there cuz thanking you for "baring" with me would just be naughty...and this ain't that kind of blog) as I figure out the monthly kitty...wink, wink! I'm off to watch the Notre Dame game and pull some stitches...

Hugs Ya'll