Saturday, August 8, 2015

Update On Pa

Well, good Saturday morning ya'll!

I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on our Pa...

The surgery went well and he is now on the mend...yay!

It was a pretty smooth hospital stay, all things considered...hospitals have come a long way since the dark ages when Ma was a hard working Registered Nurse...but, I digress as this is about Pa.

We checked in and headed to his Short Stay room, where he underwent the prerequisite pre-op check and double check, and would you believe that his Short Stay nurse was none other than one of the girls that I used to work with on the Critical Care floor, who I hadn't seen in a decade! Well, we had such a nice time visiting and catching up, and since Pa knew most of my nurse pals he enjoyed the girl chatter and even dozed off a bit...which was good because his surgery was delayed almost an hour due to the case before his running rude! LOL, jus' kidding...

His surgery took about two hours, and then he spent an hour in recovery...but it seemed a lot longer until I could see him. I was very lucky because I had a surprise visitor, who kept me company the whole time...Me-Ma! It was a hoot to hang with my main girl, and made what could have been a very long and lonely ordeal of waiting, into a real fun visit...we even had a snack! Here's where I must insert how it's times like these that make me really acknowledge how much I love being home after having spent almost twenty years so very far away from family...but, again I digress...

Three hours into it all, my cell phone rang and it was Pa's recovery nurse calling to tell me that he was going to be heading from recovery back to his Short Stay room and that I could go ahead and meet them there...I didn't hesitate for a second...and even arrived before them, so I got to see his face as soon as they pushed his gurney into the unit and Pa gave me a huge thumbs up! I have never seen such a beautiful sight!

We spent an hour or so in the Short Stay, where Pa enjoyed a gourmet snack of graham crackers and apple juice, followed by a pain pill and the requisite activities that were required to go home...and then his nurse...who I assume must have been in diapers when I was wandering those hallowed halls...announced those beautiful words "You can go home, now." We wasted no time and skedaddled out of there...and arrived home to two very happy pups, who had missed us.

It felt so good to be home with Pa, our pups and Little Brother, knowing that the surgery was behind Pa and all that was needed was some rest and Ma's nurturing care for recovery...easy peazy.

Pa and I want to thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts and sweet words of encouragement...we appreciate it all!

I have a feeling that this weekend will be all about chillin', recliners. and teevee...and hopefully some real thread pulling for Ma...I will keep you posted.

Hugs Ya'll


  1. Glad to read the update on his surgery! Praying for a full and complete recovery!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Glad to see he is doing better.

    Here's to no frogs with your weekend stitching!

  3. So very glad. :) You all take care now.

  4. Good to hear it all went well. Behave yourself now Pa!

  5. So glad to heat that Pa is doing well and you too! Enjoy your nice quiet week-end!

  6. Thank Goodness all went well and now he can recover.
    Hope you both can get rest now. love Annette

  7. Wonderful and he looks pretty good for just having surgery. Hugs to both of you and wishes for a speedy recovery

  8. That is great news!! Hopefully he has a speedy recovery!

  9. I'm so happy that all went well for that sweet Pa :)

  10. Good to know that surgery went well and I hope that your husband will recover and heal soon and fast.


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