Monday, August 3, 2015

SALs, SALs, And More SALs...

Hello There...

Well, it's been quite a wild weekend in my world and let's just say I dove in deep to the idea of some excuses to start a few new WIPs, and enjoy a wee bit of retail therapy...and let's just say I may have blown my SFS August report out of the water...

I was so sad to hear that The Prairie Schooler was retiring in January, as I am such a huge fan, as so many of us are, but I also respect their right to call an end to what has been a very enjoyable career...however it does bring more than a tear to many I right?

So, with this in mind I went ahead and ordered the entire 2015 holiday series of charts. I rarely purchase the Halloween themed charts since I am not much of a spooky theme girl, but I always purchase the annual Christmas charts...This year I felt like it was important to purchase both.

Here's my sweet mail day treats from Handcrafts Online...

2015 Prairie Schooler Bundle

And, since that took up my entire stash budget for August, you would think that I would stop there, but no...the insanity of adding more WIPs to an already full WIP basket took over, and like a shopper with the last wedding dress in Filene's Basement...I ran for the cash register with no regard to sanity...

Here goes...

First of all, I decided that I am going to begin stitching all of the annual Prairie Schooler Santa cards...and as I have all 32 of them in my chart collection, I won't be purchasing anything...I am going to use stash fabric and floss, as well. I will be starting this endeavor in January without any regard to a time limit, so as not to stress myself out.

I blame myself...

Next, I was excited to see that our dear friend Natalia over at With My Threads  had created a free SAL titled "SAL Mistery Summer Sampler"...if you too would like join, head on over to her blog and check it out...and also check out her awesome Etsy Shop! The best part of this SAL, besides the fun of stitching an original "With My Threads" design along with other friends, is that you can use supplies from your stash...winning! If you are, don't she released the first set of designs to

I blame no one....

It's that time of year again, and with great excitement I had no doubt about joining the 2016 Alessandra Adelaide SALs sign up, as I have been for the past few years. She has created another Spooky (but never too spooky for this fair heart) Halloween SAL and a HoHoHoliday SAL, and I am beyond excited! If you too would like to join...head on over to AAN  and follow the link to each SAL, and then join the Facebook Group for even more fun! But, I digress, as I did purchase the charts and hand crafted embellishments for both, as well as a wee bit of hand dyed floss for the Halloween SAL from a floss company that I hadn't heard of before...which totally intrigued me...Shamrock Threads, check it out!

So, all in I didn't spend much, especially because my AAN SALs always come out of Santa's bag of goodies and into my Christmas stocking, as I have been a very naughty good little girl...wink, wink!

I blame Santa...

Other than that, it's been a slow stitching week...Pa and I have been enjoying having Little Brother back home, especially Pa who has been enjoying the many things that they have in common and enjoy doing together...which brings me to the wild in the week...Pa took a tumble off his mountain bike and managed to break his collar bone, not to mention he now has a bunch of bumps and bruises to go along with it. He's currently on the DL and sporting a fetching arm sling...and a bit of a frown, as it's hard to keep an active Man of Mayhem, such as himself, down for long. We will be seeing a shoulder specialist on Thursday...I'll keep ya'll posted.

I hope to be spending more quiet time inside with the joy of Central AC, pulling a stitch or two, as it's supposed to be another triple digit week ahead in the So Cal...imagine me throwing back of hand to forehead...

Thanks for stopping by ya'll


  1. I blame you.....
    For increasing my want of more stash lol!
    Ohhhh noooooooooo I hope he gets better soon. Mine just had surgery and they are hard to take care of!

  2. Wow! You really got busy.
    So sorry to hear about your husband. I broke my collar bone in 6th grade. The sling is a bummer.

  3. rofl...well, if you decide to sfs next year at least you will be well covered. I hope hubby gets better soon!

  4. Nice update! Sorry to hear about hubby's broken collar bone! I broke mine many years ago and it wasn't fun. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your SALs has they get underway along with the PS Santas!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Looks like you have been busy shopping! Sorry about Pa...hope he will soon be up and about with no pain.

  6. I fell your pain about Prairie Schooler designs I plan on getting some for their new designs too. So sorry to hear about you DH. I hope all is well soon.

  7. Sounds like you have some fun stitching in mind. I have never done one of the Prairie Schooler designs although some are quite lovely.

  8. I am so envious of your new stash!!! I can't wait for the progress posts :)

  9. I do hope Pa is doing better, ouch.
    It is always nice to have family come around, in this day and age it seems almost everyone is in their own world.
    Totally love all your new stash.


  10. You will be busy, they all look like fun stitches. Hope Pa feels better quickly!

  11. I was doing the same when I heard that The Prairie Schooler will be retiring. But I think many other stitchers who love their designs were doing the same. It just was a must for me, too :)
    I hope your husband will be better soon.

  12. Lots of fun new stash! I love Prairie Schooler, too, and I love SALs! I'm also doing the With My Threads SAL; it should be fun. Have you heard about the Prairie Schooler SAL? Ouch, I hope Pa heals quickly.

  13. oh no, holy smokin' mountain bike! so sorry about pa, sending super-good wishes for an easy surgery and recovery. hard to keep a good man down:) xo

  14. Sorry to hear about your hubby's accident. Hope he gets better soon.
    The PS Hallowe'en charts are rather tempting. The Santa challenge will also keep you busy for a while!


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