Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Even More SALs And An Update On Pa


Am I nuts, you ask?

Perhaps I am, but I seem to be in good company, so whatevs...

I decided that I am going to just stitch SALs for a bit...with the exception of MeMa's stocking, since I am almost finished and want to get it to Faye before October...but otherwise I decided to eat dessert first, so to speak, and put aside the WIP list to focus on stuff!

So, let's see...with my previously posted AAN SALs, which don't start until 2016, and Natalia's 2015 Summer Mistery SAL....

I am adding...

Our dear sweet Gayle, owner of Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs has designed The Year Long Halloween SAL, which starts in September and features a chart release each month which can be stitched as a stand alone or all together...whoohoo! Can't wait!

And next...

I was told about another SAL by our dear bloggie friend Kate, that is in honor of the end of an era for so many of us who love The Prairie Schooler. You can find the details over at The Prairie Schooler SAL...I, for one, jumped in without hesitation and cannot wait to get started on all of those Santas that I have chosen to stitch...

And then...

I have happily committed to my current 2015 SALs, such as the Smalls SAL and our annual TUSAL, as well as a Haunted Harvest Exchange, which has me already perusing for just the right chart...

And Last but certainly not least...

I am faaaar behind in the 2015 AAN Christmas SAL, and will be catching up at a hare's pace instead of the snail's pace that I have been plodding Edgar would say..."I'll keep you posted Sports Fans."

An update on the Pa...

When I called to make an appointment with the Orthopedist, he was able to go online and look at the x-ray and reports from the ER, and quickly called to say "Come in today," which we did. It seems that Pa has what is referred to as an "Acromioclavicular joint separation" along with a long hairline fracture, not an uncommon injury to both bike riders and motorcycle dudes who fly over the handlebars while going down...go figure. After lengthy discussion and weighing all the options, we decided that the best choice to allow our Pa a full return to the Mayhem he surgical repair. So, he is scheduled for outpatient shoulder surgery on Friday, with a total recovery of 6 weeks...which is no easy feat for him, but he promises me he will chill on the recliner and allow himself to heal like a good boy...we'll see...I'll keep ya'll posted! Poor Pa!

That's about it, it's hot hot hot here in the SoCal today, so we will be hanging out inside...

I better get stitching!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...

Hugs ya'll


  1. Best wishes for your husband's upcoming surgery and recovery! Your SALs sound like they will all be fun especially the PS one. Good luck in your SAL quest.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Best wishes for Pa (and YOU) from me as well. You are a brave soul for signing up for all those SALs - just thinking of a deadline for my stitching gives me the heebee jeebees hee hee

  3. Oh poor Pa. I am sorry to hear of the complications.

  4. Hope the surgery goes well and good luck getting him to behave!

  5. Sounds like you will be very busy with all the SAL's. Best luck to your DH with his surgery.

  6. Lots of stitchy fun to be had! I hope the surgery goes well. Stay cool!

  7. Good luck to Pa with his surgery!! And I am looking forward to seeing all your SAL progress :)

  8. Good luck with your pa

    Geat sals you are signed in for !
    Thank you for the tip

    I allso signed in for the summer sal so look forward to see the first part to my mail
    Hopefully she is still capable to sent it to me :) because i would love to take it with me on my weekend break
    Maybe the baby is on his way
    Well i will see you at the first check in again
    Have a lovely stitching weekend

  9. Hope the surgery goes well.
    If you want another SAL, you are welcome to join my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. Post anything which was gifted to you or is a gift for someone else and link up on the 15th of each month.


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