Sunday, June 28, 2015

Been Busy...

But not a lot to show...

Here's my progress on "Bee's Knees"...

One question, dear friend, do you think the floss I chose is too variegated? Too busy? I started having a panic attack over this one...

I seem to be moving quite slowly on this WIP, mostly because it's so intricate, but once I divided it up into four grids it is bunches easier.

I have been marking my chart with highlighter as I finish each area, which I have never done before, and that has helped...I would show you a pic of the bright yellow "Xs" but we know how some people who lurk out there can't play right with posted chart just imagine something like this...

That's it for the stitching news...

In other news...

I have been spending some really nice time with family...and I am still amazed at what a change my social schedule has undergone since moving home to CA...It's good to be wanted!

I had lunch at one of Los Angeles' oldest iconic restaurants with MeMa, my Uncle, and my 86 year old Aunt who is without a doubt the most beautiful and active Octogenarian I know...

It was so much fun to walk in and see that nothing has changed....still as kitschy as ever and the food is still beyond delicious...CA cuisine at it's finest!

I also spent a sweet day with my "baby" cousin...we started out with an amazing breakfast at one of my fave cafes...

Aroma Cafe...

It's a cute little indoor/outdoor cafe located very close to home...

It was once a typical California bungalow style house, built for the studio folk who resided in...what else, but "Studio City" where Desilu studios once called home, and CBS still does...but now it's a cozy little cafe nestled in between houses and shops, with a patio for dining outside, and a few little indoor rooms for those who prefer inside...

Which is where we chose to sit...

Oh, did I mention the food?

To die for!

It's been a nice week, dear friend, thanks for taking the time to stop by and catch up!

Hugs Ya'll


  1. Have you seen the Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter - 123 sells them and they are ERASABLE!!! I love mine!! You stitching looks good - I don't think it's too busy. Food looks fabulous!!

    1. My husband bought me one. Apparently you can use it on fabric too? I have no clue how it works which is sad.

  2. I think the thread is perfect: when you look at it finished and standing back it will just all blend and look like shading xx

  3. I love the thread - perfect for that design!

  4. Pretty, pretty stitching my friend!
    I enjoyed seeing a bit of your world too.

  5. I guess we are all in agreement with your thread choice. Thanks for sharing your pictures. One of these days I will have to get to California, especially since I am close, in Arizona.

  6. I think it Bees Knees looks great. I'm sure it takes a lot of time to stitch, assuming you're working it one stitch at a time. The lettering on my Victoria Sampler house was worked over one on 28 count with variegated Gloriana.

  7. I like the chosen thread you are using for Bees Knees. Glad you are enjoying yourself with your move home.

    Robin in Virginia

  8. I think your stitching is beautiful and the colors are just right in my humble opinion. So nice that you are enjoying family time.

  9. I LOVE the variegated thread your stitching with! As in matter of fact when I 1st saw your photo before reading I thought "WOW - love that thread"! LOL!!! Honest! Lovely places you visited. Now I am hungry:)
    love Annette

  10. As soon as I seen the first picture of Bee's Knees the first thing I thought was I love that thread!!! Oh just looked up and read previous comments and realized I am not alone in thinking that :) Your making great progress!!

  11. For me the thread that you use is great and not too busy. I love variegated threads like this on this kind of design.

  12. We were big fans of El Coyote. Great scratch margaritas! And your floss isn't too variegated; it's lovely.


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