Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time Flies When Your A Social Butterfly...

Good Saturday morning, dear friend!

Before you go and fall off your chair to see an actual blog post, let me tell ya…it ain't easy being a social butterfly…but it sure is wonderful!

I don't know if I mentioned, way back when we were fixing to move west, that I would be living in the same town (not to mention the same street) where I grew up. I might have failed to mention that I have a very large, very close knit family. I may have also failed to mention that of my closest 15 cousins…we are all girls! So, you can just imagine how truly busy life has become…but you'll hear no complaints from this girl as I am happy as a clam to be home!

Anyhoo…that being said, I seem to have become quite the prodigal blogger, these past couple of months, but I am determined to make time for regular blogging…fingers crossed…

I have, however, found plenty of time for stitching, and have even made my first finish of the year…which only took four months…insert eye roll.

"Family Ties" by With My Needle

Designed by our dear friend, Ellen Chester, I stitched this on TeaDyed Monaco using the charted NPI, Gloriana, and Crescent Colours floss. This was such a fun design to stitch, and the silks were a dream, as I had never used NPI before…now I know what all the fuss is about…gorge!

Please pardon the wrinkled pic, as it is currently on it's way to my LNS for the whole framing thing...I'll post pics when it is back and hung in Me-Ma's den.

In other stitching news…

I have begun work on the first of my Shepherd's Bush Stockings…

This will be Big Brother's stocking, titled "Harry's Stocking." I am stitching this whimsical fellow on 18 ct Oatmeal Aida, using the charted DMC Pearl Cotton, with a few exceptions…I changed out the charted 902 for Crescent Colours "Cupid" PC, 3053 for Crescent Colours "Poblano Pepper" PC, and I am going to rip-it on the beard and restitch it in Rainbow "Whisper" for a more realistic beard. I will also be stitching his partner, "Sherri's Stocking" for Daughter for in love, using the same substitutions. I am having so much fun with this WIP, and actually look forward to the evening when I can pick it up for a couple hours of stitching in from of the tube with Pa...I'll keep ya posted on the progress! I may just stitch one for each of The Teakettles.

Speaking of stitching, I recently got quite a shock when I went to order the above mentioned Crescent Colours, from, and discovered that it was now called "Classic Colorworks," asked a few of the gals "What the Heck?!" It turns out that the company was sold and the name changed…perhaps to protect the innocent? Anyhoo…this just proves what I been saying' to ya'll, a lack of StashEnhancementXperience is a dangerous thing! Thanks to StitchersAnon, The Twisted Stitcher, and Mouse for filling Ma in on the story…proving once again that I can always count on the wisdom and support of my stitching sisters…kiss, kiss, kiss!

Moving along...

I can't believe the month is almost over, dear friend…where have the days gone! 

We celebrated both Passover and Easter, at The Corner…yes you read that right…long story and it would all bore you to tears. For Passover, Me-Ma and I split the traditional menu, and an enjoyable night was had by all. It was so much fun cooking together in Me-Ma's kitchen, and it brought me right back to childhood. We even put out my Grandma's good china…

Easter was a bit quiet, as the kiddos were not with us, but we received the sweetest gift from Big Brother and Daughter In Love…

And enjoyed a nice long Skype session with Little Brother. I couldn't have asked for a better day, which ended with a wonderful dinner at Me-Ma's. Oh, and did I mention that the kids sent Me-Ma a beautiful gift too? Check these beauties out…

It's blows my mind to think that Pa has been out here just about a year, and I have been here six whole months…it just flew by in the blink of an eye! I am just loving being back in my home town, and I treasure each day surrounded by family…especially living across the street from Me-Ma. She and I can (and do) wave to each other while standing at our front windows…what a total blessing this has been, though I do miss my kiddos so much, but I know that they are happy and busy with their own lives and thanks to today's technology I can "see" them whenever I want…Lucky, lucky me.

As always, dear friend, thanks for stopping by for a visit...I hear the teakettle whistling and bid you farewell.



  1. Congratulations on your beautiful finish!!!

  2. So glad to here the clan is thriving and that you're flitting to and fro like a pro Ma! Lovely finish, very appropriate. Wishing you a wonderful week to come, hugs to you as well:)

  3. Congrats on your beautiful finish! I just love Ellen's designs.
    How lovely to have such a large family - enjoy all the girl time with your clan:))
    love Annette

  4. Glad to help :) love the stitching and the flowers and pretty much everything
    glad you are having a wonderful time back home ... technology is a wonderful thing isn't it coz how would you have got to know all of us otherwise was just thinking about you yesterday as I was sorting out my craft room and my goodie box was there (empty I might add as kitting up the charts :) and it brought a oooo not heard from you for a while and here you are hehhehe :) love mouse xxxxxxx

  5. That is a fabulous finish and gift for your mother. I love your grandma's china.

  6. Ma, your happiness shines through your post! Beautiful stitches, flowers and love the china!!!

  7. I had the same double-take when I opened my new JCS and saw "Classic Colorworks."

  8. Aww such a cute finish and gift for your mom...
    Beautiful china..
    Big hugs x


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