Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bloomin' Brilliant...

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

One of the many things that I just adore about being back on the West Coast is the many blooms that are popping up within my garden, on an almost daily basis. It is just breathtaking to wake up to a whole new batch of bloom and color, and there are so many varieties that I can't even name them all…and some I have never even seen before.

Though I love all of my sweet little blooms…my most favorite are my roses, to be sure. Years ago, when we bought our first home in So Cal, I planted twelve rose bushes. I spent months picking out each one, chosen for it's name and color…"American Beauty," "Mr. Lincoln," and "Peace," just to name a few. I spent each afternoon tending and caring for my little blooms and my home was always filled with brilliant color and heavenly fragrance. When we moved to Texas in '97 I was so sad to leave that house and my roses behind, but the thrill of a whole new adventure awaited me and so they were both quickly forgotten. When we moved to New England, one of the first things that I did, after we bought our home, was to plant some roses. I couldn't wait to enjoy them as I had in Ca, but I soon discovered that, as with most things in that region, roses don't bloom or thrive heartily for any length of time…and as there was a whole beautiful new set of fauna and flora to enjoy, I quickly lost interest in the dear roses…but I digress.

When Pa and I settled into our new home, last fall, the rose bushes were not in great shape, as they had been neglected and rarely watered while the house stood empty for many months…I like to think it was waiting for us (wink, wink). But with the help of Me-Ma, our constant gardener, and my own gentle touch…these babies are blooming' like no body's business!

I present to you, dearest friend. my first harvest of roses…



And so, once again my home is filled with the brilliant color and heavenly scent…blooming' brilliant!

Ma Teakettle


  1. Heaven scent roses - there is nothing better!

  2. Your roses are simply beautiful and I love the colors... what a garden! :)

  3. Sadly, the weather here in north Texas has not been as kind for the flowers. It was in the 30s yesterday, prompting me to feel sympathy for my neighbor's newly planted tree. Now I hear we're going to have a very hot summer to contrast our cold and icy winter. Just what I wanted: 110 in June! Yippee! (not)

  4. Wow! You have done a great job tending these beauties.

  5. The roses are beautiful. It will be quite awhile before we see them up here.

  6. Oh, so beautiful--how lucky you are to live in a warm part of the country :)

  7. Roses are my favorite and yours are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful roses, what lovely colours!

  9. I can't wait till my garden is filled with blooms! Thanks for the peak into your garden. :)


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