Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Creative Competition With A Butterfly Endeavor ...

Good Sunday morning, dear friend!

I wanted to share with you a really fun competition, being held by our dear designer Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs

The goal is to stitch and finish Gale's beautiful Valentines Day Butterfly design, using your own creativity…what fun that is!

The rules are simple and the prize is beyond generous!

SO, what are you waiting for?! Run, don't walk over to Stitcher's Anon Designs and check it out for yourself…

I say, the more the merrier!

As always, dear friend, thanks for stopping by…I hear the teakettle whistling and bid you farewell.



stitchersanon said...

Oh yes, def. the more the merrier! I am just getting the first finishes in from people..they are stunning!

Maggee said...

Oh yeah--gonna start mine tonight! Looking forward to stitching something cheerful to ward off the bad weather around us! Hugs!