Thursday, January 30, 2014

My January TUSAL #2...

Good morning, dear friend!

Here in lies my second new moon TUSAL post for January, and sadly my jar is pretty darn full and it hasn't even been a full month! Yikes!

The darn frog has been hanging around my stitching basket and just won't leave…but, on the bright side, it sure adds a pretty pic to my TUSAL post…

Most of that fuzz came from the failed "Houses of Hawk Run" attempt…however the rest is from a rip-it here and a rip-it there.

I think I may need to switch to a better jar for viewing my ORTs…hmmm…look for a new jar in February...

See ya on the next full moon...

As always, dear friend, thanks for stopping by…I hear the teakettle whistling and bid you farewell.



  1. Sorry about the frog attack, but at least it made your jar full I guess!

  2. I love your little cupcake ort container...where did you find that?

    1. Thanks Lynda, I stumbled upon it at a candy shop in Los Angeles, Dylan's Candy Bar…but they are all over the country…and it was filled with chocolate covered pretzels..yum :)

  3. Dear Ma: I am so sad the frog is at your home now, he was at mine for a while, I was wondering where he went that little devil.
    Love that ort jar so creative.


  4. Sorry that frog was hanging around, but I love all the color in your cupcake jar.

  5. that is a cute jar :) and sorry about the visiting frog .... have a great stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

  6. Sorry to hear about the frogging - love that jar!

  7. Ma I enjoyed the tea thankyou, love the orts jar and shall look forward to seeing what you choose for next month . Pesky frogs , we all suffer from them shame they do not stay as tadpoles .

  8. The cupcake ort container is adorable! So sorry to hear about the HRH incident and the frog visit. Hope next month it's more orts and less frogged bits!

  9. Dang frogs! But that IS a really cute container!


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