Friday, January 3, 2014

A Trip To The Moon and a 2014 TUSAL JAR Do-over...

Good Friday morning, dear friend!

I cannot tell you how awesome it has been to have my sister and her family down here for the New Year, along with Little Brother and The Newlyweds. Pa and I are so lucky to be back home, not just for ourselves but for the kiddos, who even though they don't live here all year, do find themselves surrounded by a very big and close knit family while they are here.

But, as all good things must come to a close, so did our visit with Big Sis and her clan…but before they hit the road for home, we had the grandchildren pose for a pic…

They are just such great "kids," and remain close pals, even as they have grown and headed their own ways.

Later, that day...

My own kiddos and I headed out for a bit of a walk while roaming the "mean streets" of Beverly Hills. We had such a blast, literally as it was a whole other world, like a very colorful trip to the moon…can't say I hated it.

I hadn't been there for so many years, and even though the stores have mostly changed with the times, the look and feel of the shopping district hasn't…it's kind of comforting knowing that some things are rock solid even if they are Rodeo Drive and Gucci, and even though the cars are sportier and the shoppers are more flamboyant in their attire, the whole feel of the place hasn't changed. So, needless to say we did a LOT of window shopping and very little purchasing.

We did, however "lunch" at Villa Blanca, which is owned by one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…Lisa Vanderpump.

I have to say, the whole atmosphere was beautiful and felt very much like a New Orleans garden terrace, and of course it was all White…from the decor to the flowers…it was just so relaxing. I imagine that has something to do with it's name…White House. It was fun, and since DIL was so thrilled to be there, it made the whole experience even that much greater, especially when she spotted Lisa who walked right past our table…fun was had by all...

We then made our way to the mall, where the kids enjoyed some retail therapy while Ma spent some time enjoying the afternoon sun…

We tooled around the mall for a bit, where I found a new TUSAL jar that I just couldn't resist…

Is that just so awesome and kitchy…or what?!

I can't wait to start filling it with ORTs…yep I said it! I believe that this jar may even make the dreaded frogs fun…giggle…rip it!

The Newlyweds will be heading back home sooner than I care to discuss, but I will be seeing them soon as Mom and I are headed there, in the near future, for a visit on their coast…but it does make me sad to see them go, as we say TTFN. Luckily, we have Little Brother for a bit longer, before he has to head back up to school.

As always, dear friend, thanks for stopping by…I hear the teakettle whistling and bid you farewell…as does Miss Teagan, herself...



  1. What a fun update! I know how very much family means and that this time with them has made you super happy.

  2. What a wonderful time we had together! We savored every minute. Can't wait for the next visit!! xoxo

  3. Oh I think Teagan is enjoying the warmer climate just fine!
    What a great post.

  4. Ahhh I love your new ort jar - it is so cute!

  5. Followed the link over from the Stitching Smalls group - nice to meet you. :) Love that adorable orts jar!

  6. So cool that you got to dine at Lisa's restaurant. I love her and watch her 2 shows. Great time with family you had. Happy New Year - love Annette

  7. So glad you got to make such nice memories with family! Your grandsons are handsome & granddaughters beautiful!

  8. So nice when family is all together! Love the new ORT jar, it is sweet! ;)

  9. Cutest ort jar ever!

    I watch the RH series. Must have been super fun to see Lisa!

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  11. Spending time with family--priceless! For me too! There is so much to see in this country... It is amazing! Glad you had fun in the holidays, even if it was sunny and hot in Hollywood! Hugs!

  12. Sounds like wonderful times, Ma! Love your adorable new jar!!


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