Monday, November 11, 2013

Progress To Share And A Field Trip To The Past...

Good Monday morning, dear friend!

This has been a busy and productive weekend at The Corner, with a few home projects and a whole lot of planting…

I planted impatiens in the front yard…

And pruned the roses in the backyard…

And planted geraniums on the back deck…

Of course I had help!

I also found time to make some progress on my WIP for Mom…

I'm continuing to really enjoy this design, I only wish my phone took better pics…but you get the idea.

And in other news…

I spent last Friday with my Uncle Richard, Aunt Irene, and cousins Laurie and Larry…or as I call them…the fun bunch.
We boarded the Metrolink and headed downtown to Union Station...

This Los Angeles icon was built in 1939

My Aunt Irene remembers heading through the station as an eight year old, in the days when the The Southern Pacific Railway rumbled through, on it's way up and down the coast.

Once outside, we headed past Olvera Street, which was a huge favorite of mine as a child…

And continued up along our way…

I am always awed by the eclectic mix of modern and old…like this crosswalk where the original cobblestone is so carefully painted to show off it's gorgeous design.

And then, we arrived at our destination…

 Phillipe's…heaven for any Angeleno…

This Los Angeles landmark has been here for over 100 years, and serves the best French Dipped Sandwich evah! There's a whole etiquette to ordering, you stand in long lines until it's your turn to order. You must order rapidly from the menu (no substitutions) and the ladies (or carvers as they are known) make french dip while you watch. There's a whole culture to how you like your sandwich…for instance some people enjoy a double dip while others (myself included) prefer a single dip.

Of course, the best part is eating it all…

Oh yes, dear friend, eat we did! I was stuffed for days…this lunch isn't for wimps. :)

I had so much fun, and even sweet talked Uncle Bunk into posing with Aunt Irene's purse, for a pic on our way back through Union Station…

Isn't he adorable?
Check out the random photo bomber, too funny!

We boarded to Metrolink, and headed back home…

Where this gal had herself a nap!

It was such a fun day, and brought back so many memories of childhood field trips downtown. I have always loved my home town, with it's dazzling mix of past and present, not to mention the many cultural icons left behind with the ghosts of those who came from near and far and left their mark upon the City of Angels.

Whoever said you can't go home again was wrong…way wrong!

There you have it, dear friend, and as always I thank you for stopping by for a visit, and for taking time to read my rambles. I send you off with a big hug and thoughts for a day filled with your own bit of adventure…and a stitch or two at day's end.

Monday Morning Hugs


  1. Ma Teakettle: Uncle Bunk sure is coordinated with his outfit lovely bag he has, I cannot get my Husband to pick-up my purse if it drops, love all your pictures.

  2. As a seventh generation mouth is watering for Phillipe's at 9:30 in the morning!
    They have the best coleslaw ever!!
    Leaving now!!

  3. Sounds like you are nicely settling into your new surroundings.

    It was particularly fun for me to see a photo of your Family Ties sampler. Looking forward to many more photos.

  4. Beautiful plantings and post Ma, glad you're settling in, That palm tree clinches it, I'm officially pea-green with envy:) Hope Pa is well and likin' his new work. xo

  5. Fun pictures and Uncle Bunk is sweet!

  6. hahaha! Uncle Bunk cracks me up! ;)
    So very, very cool for you to be back home. How are the dogs adapting? We got snow today here in Wisconsin. ;)

  7. Sounds like a perfectly fun day! Your Uncle is such a cutie and a good sport! My boys would love that lunch place!!!

  8. Aww sound like a great fun time :)
    Sweet hugs x

  9. What a fun time! That sammie looks yummy! Love all the pics, the roses are so pretty!

  10. I think it depends on how your childhood was, as to whether you even want to go home again! I have no desire. But there is no one there now anyway... In other parts of the state, yes... cousins, cousins, cousins. Glad you are enjoying the nostalgia!

  11. Pretty blooms and what a fun day out. Good progress on your sampler for mom:)
    love Annette

  12. Thanks for sharing all the photos ... it looks beautiful there. I love the photo of Uncle Bunk ... he's a keeper : ) Great progress on your sampler!

  13. So glad that things are settling down. So nice to visit favorite places once again. It looks like you had a great day out!

  14. OH, I bet you are so enjoying the warm weather there! Thanks for sharing your trip. I'm glad you had a good time.

  15. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your trip.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Loved the blooms in your garden.


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