Monday, November 4, 2013

I Did Not Get Abducted By Aliens...

while crossing the Country, contrary to popular beliefs...but I did find myself deep within the chaos of a big move. However, with that being said, I do apologize for being such a flake!

Since I have so much to tell, it seems that it would take hours to post all the happenings, and you would probably find yourself falling off your chair with sheer, to save us both some frustration I am going to hit the highlights for ya!

And so, I suggest that you sit back with a nice cuppa something hot and steaming, and come with me on a tale of how Pa and I crossed this great nation of ours in a 25 foot motor home, along with two dogs and a cat...and how we made the long haul without any much just a little bit of fur flyin'...

The story goes that when the author, Horace Greeley, coined the phrased "Go West, Young Man," thousands of young men in Oregon and Washington fell into the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen, that's not my story...I'm just making sure you are still with me...wink, wink!

We started off from Connecticut on a Sunday, and arrived in Southern California the following Friday...that's essentially 3000 miles in 6 do the math...our Pa is a schedule animal, but we made it intact and on time, and most important...still speaking to each other.

Look at handsome Pa...Captain, my captain!

Pa's first mate and Co-pilot, the ready!

Good bye New England...take care of my babies for me!

Mr. Loo had his own safe ride along area...we had a keen strap that attached to both his harness and the seat belt.
We stayed at KOAs all along the way, and boy did that bring back many childhood memories...pulling in during the dark of night, and discovering where you were in the light of dawn...a train whistle always somewhere close by. I was surprised at how many families we ran into who were on a quest to see the United States while home schooling their children...and some who had simply decided that they preferred a more simple and secluded life as nomads...I found myself agreeing as we met some of the most polite kids with not much more than a true sense of what this life is all about. Of course, we also met some wild and crazy retirees who enjoyed a life of luxury within the confines of a 45 footer, with no schedule and no's a good gig if you can swing it...God Bless them all.

God Bless the KOAs!
Each night we rolled into our next KOA home, and settled in for a slumber...

Very Cozy Quarters!

Even Pounce had her own cozy space each night

As we passed over the mighty Mississippi and gazed upon the Gateway Arch, I truly felt as though we were entering through the Westward gateway, and truly making our way home. I found myself thinking about those early wagon trains who headed west over the course of months, how they must have felt when they finally reached the Mississippi River!

I better back up a bit for a see, when Pa and I finally decided on the date for our road trip west, I wasted no time and called our very dear Parsley right away to tell her that I would be heading through Tulsa and that I had made Pa promise that I could make a stop at The Silver Needle, and I just haaaaaad to meet her for a shopping trip. I don't have to tell you that it took Parsley not one extra second to exclaim, "Tell me when and I will be there!" Did I mention that this was a three hour drive for her? Who else would do that for ya? We met in the parking lot of The Silver Needle, where Pa dropped me off into the safe arms of Deena, and I got to meet her sweet husband Sage, who is as nice as can be...but when I tell you that Deena is even sweeter and more beautiful in person than one can imagine...I tell you true, dear friend, that she is a keeper!

Look at old friends who have always known each other!

She showered me with gifts, including bags of my most favorite sf candies, the most amazing home made Cinnamon rolls (that Pa and I devoured), a yummy fall scented candle (a sweet house warming gift), two beautiful bags to carry it all...and the most beautiful "Jardin Prive" design that she had stitched into a gorgeous pillow...

The colors are beyond gorgeous, and this beauty sits upon the bed in our guest room for all to see

Oh my word, we giggled our way through The Silver Needle! I'm sure, dear Lindy, thought we were beyond nuts because we just kept giggling and whispering, except to stop and exclaim...OMGosh just look at this!

Sweet Parsley...
We actually closed the shop, and would have stayed longer if they had let us!

The store was jaw dropping amazing, I don't think you could appreciate all it has to offer in one would take many trips, indeed!

After our shopping spree, in which we both treated ourselves to a rather large project, that we plan to SAL together in the near future...Parse chose By Gone Stitches "Quaker Christmas II-Songs of the Season" and I chose "The Houses of Hawk Run" by Carriage House Samplings, along with the charted DMC floss, the new Fall 2013 DMC, WDW and GAST colors, and a sweet scissor fob for both Deena and I to commemorate our day together...a day I will never forget.

When it was time to leave the store, as they nudged us onto the sidewalk and locked the door behind us...giggle...we headed over to one of my favorite spots for a burger and a soda, and how we were able to eat remains a mystery as we never stopped much to was as if we were sisters from a different mister, so to speak.

Sage and Pa got to visit a bit, before it was time to leave, and found their footing in the language of computers and IT, boy did they hit it off! It was awesome!

It was hard to say goodbye, when the time came!

Thanks Parsley!
Kiss, kiss, kiss!

We headed on to our next stop which was the KOA in Albuquerque NM, where it just happened to be the annual hot air balloon festival, and with it any number of fun sponsor RVs...

For instance, the one and only official Jelly Belly RV...wowza!

It seems as though we drove endlessly for days and days, but we had a really fun time seeing the states from Connecticut to California...14 in all...CT, NY, NJ, PA, WV, OH, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and CA. Pa and I had never driven across country before, and I would highly recommend it to everyone as we live in the most beautiful and colorful country in the world...God Bless the USA and it's major highways and could literally eat, sleep, shop, and even gamble (though we passed on that) while never even leaving the Interstate...brilliant!

And on we drove...

We spent a day in New Mexico, which is just beyond gorgeous, and had planned to head off course to Sedona for the afternoon, but it was a rainy and windy day so we decided to head on to our KOA, instead, and spent a relaxing afternoon just hanging out.

Next, came the desert...

After what seemed like a vast and endless view of the Mojave Desert, which is awe inspiring but was with a happy heart that I gazed upon this sign...

Who says you can't go home again?

It has been two weeks since we arrived in Cali, and a busy two weeks it has been! I miss the kiddos tons, but I know that they are all doing great, and that we will be seeing them soon when they all head west for the holidays...thank you Horace Greeley!

I must share one last treat...I gotta tell you about the most amazing part of our move west...we now live across the street from my Ma and the house that I, myself, grew up in! It's funny how true the saying is, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Go figure...lucky me :)

Oh, and one more thing...I have a LNS...can you believe it?

Thanks for stopping by on this Monday morning, dear friend, and for staying with me through this long silence. I am back in the groove and life has settled into the slow and mellow pace that Southern California has to offer. I am sending you off with a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck! Stop back soon, as this blog is back on track and so is this Ma!

Road Trip Hugs
Ma Teakettle


  1. Hooray! I am sitting here smiling. =)

  2. What a super trip - I loved my drives back and forth from FL to CA and Back to Fl and then back to CA..... seeing the US from the road is so much fun!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed hearing about your move. We moved from Kentucky to Washington State and made a similar trip as yours, just not from as far East. Best of luck in your new home!

  4. What a trip and how wonderful you can now live to close to your mother. Thank you for sharing your "moving" adventure. (It was actually "moving" on several points.)

  5. Amazing. Deena is a keeper indeed...oh my I wish I could have been there. A wonderful post xxxxxxx

  6. ( years ago Mr H and along with 2 pooches made the 3000 mile 6 day drive across the states from RI to AZ, and you are so is beautiful. We however stayed in hotels along the way. It was Mr H's first ( and he has declared last driving across country with in a Penske) long haul drive. .How wonderful to meet up with Parsley.

  7. Sounds like a beautiful trip and wow to meet a friend oh so sweet (yes Pa is a handsom Captain) I love your babies along for the trip west how lucky you are, I hope you did get some stitching in while on the road.

  8. How special to be living on your old street once again!

    I'd love to take a road trip to see our beautiful country but would need many more days than you had! It seems like you made the very best of an aggressive time table. Glad you all arrive safely and still speaking to each other!

  9. Thank you for sharing your trip across the country. I am sure your mother is so happy to have you back home!

  10. I have great memories of our little meeting. SO much FUN! I'm glad you arrived safe and hopefully sound. I know I am no good after long travels. Can't wait to start our stitching projects!

  11. Fabulous post, Ma! I enjoyed reading and seeing pics of your adventures ~ both here and on Pa's Instagram. So glad you made it safely and are settling in and I look forward to seeing more of you in blog land now that the move is over! Hugs!!

  12. So glad you made it to your new home safely and that you were able to meet Parsley. I will have to check out The Silver Needle at some point because it's only 4 hours away.

  13. Oh Ma, you've been missed! Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful post. Wishing you & Pa every happiness in your new home and many new memories in the making:) xo

  14. yeahhhhhh :) you made it safe and wow that was some journey .... love the wee beds for the furbabies .... and you got to meet Parsley too *sighhhhhhh and at the Silver Needle too ... we don't have shops quite like yours .... one day I am gonna come over :) enjoy your new home and looking forward to seeing your stitching on your SALs :) love mouse xxxxxx

  15. Aww sound like a lovely trip..
    Big hugs sweetie x

  16. What a great trip. So many wonderful places, people and stash.
    So glad that you are settling in to your new home.

  17. Wow...what a trip! Good luck in your new home.

  18. Glad to hear you arrived safely and after that cross country trip that you and Pa are still talking to each other.

  19. Glad you are back in California with hubby and Mom! Crossing the country is a great experience, especially the way you did it, by camping! I did it many moons ago but staying in hotels... One thing I remember most was the size of the meals in the Midwest! They really fed you! Welcome back to blogging!

  20. Sounds like you have big changes in your life, good luck!

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