Monday, June 17, 2013

My June IHSW...

Good Monday morning, dear friend!

This weekend was the monthly IHSW, and what a treat it was for me as I cannot even remember the last one that I participated in, what with all of the "goings on" at The Corner...

Now, keep in mind that I did not stitch up a storm or cause any needles to smoke, but I did sit down and put a few stitches to fabric...

Waxing Moon Freebie "Summer Sparrow"

I just don't seem to have the attention span for stitching, nor the mojo, these days that once kept me riveted to my WIP for days on end. But, as I have such an abundance of stash it is imperative that this girl gets it going again...and soon!

So, with that in mind I decided to put aside my big WIPs, which seem so daunting to me these days, and I focused my "attention" on some of the (many) small freebies that I have collected, over the years, from our very generous designers. I love the idea, that so many have shared, of placing them in a bowl with a seasonal rotation in mind...

I started with this little cutie from "Waxing Moon"

So cute!
And, as I have a ton of 18 ct aida and oodles of the HDF in my, aforementioned, stash will be a fun, easy and resourceful undertaking.

I believe that even I, with the shortest of attention spans, can accomplish this...I have always said that what I lack in perseverance I make up for in passion.

I even managed to get some more packing done...

And cleaned out another room or two.

I enjoyed a glass of wine in the evenings, and a Father's Day BBQ on Sunday, hosted by The Newlyweds, in which they outdid themselves with both the fabulous cuisine and the fun group assembled...we ate, we laughed, and we enjoyed watching our two sweet birds creating a nest of their own...heart warming!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, one very attentive and cuddly little girl who made this IHSW perfect, by keeping her Mama company...

Miss Teagan!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and for muddling through this post with me, and I send you off upon your day with a hug and thoughts for a Monday filled with the joy that comes from the awakenings of summer...and the hope that you find yourself putting needle to fabric at days end.

I am adding links to the wonderful and gorgeous (copyright respectful) freebies that I will be stitching throughout the ya'll can enjoy them too...

Fab Freebies...

The Snowflower Diaries
Waxing Moon Designs
Glory Bee
Rainbow Gallery
Blue Ribbon Designs
Lizzie Kate



  1. Dearest Ma T, I always enjoy your posts. Stitching can wait while you pack but you are right; a few stitches here and there make us centered again.

    Wish I could help you pack. Best of luck in the days ahead as you continue. Hugs

  2. A room or two cleared out, good for you!
    Glad the dogs are there to help and keep you company. =)

  3. Such a cute project, Ma! And I'm sure that once you pm the pups and Pa are reunited and settled in SoCal, that you will have those needles smokin' again!

  4. Now that sounds like a great idea...those big WIP's are so daunting!
    Have fun with your stitching and don't hurt yourself with all that packing. My back hurts just thinking about it.

  5. i wish i can come and help you..i certainly need a flying carpet :)
    thank you so much for the sweet freebie's...your stitching is so sweet...
    happy stitching x

  6. "and the hope that you find yourself putting needle to fabric at days end."???WTH??? Fiddlestix on that one! Let me tell ya my friend, putting needle to fabric is THE BEST PART OF WAKING UP AND STARTING A DAY here @ Henley's Landing.
    Cheers to empty rooms and filled boxes
    As always

  7. I certainly understand - a small project sounds very good to me right about now, and I'm not even trying to pack my house! Hang in there, Ma. We're all cheering for you!

  8. small projects are good and fun and give a sense of achievement more quickly ... off to go and look at the freebies to see if any I have missed glad you had a good get together too :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. Sometimes I too take a break away from large projects and stitch some smalls. Lovely freebies. Thanks for the links. Great that you got 2 rooms cleared and packed.
    love Annette


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