Monday, March 18, 2013

My Mojo's A No Show...

Good morning, dear friend!

I almost gave a scream when I gazed upon my blog and noticed that I have been very much the prodigal blogger these past sincere apologies!

It seems that I have exactly zero mojo for blogging since Dad passed. I began stitching last week, with a whole new fresh WIP and start...but it seems to be going slow, with more stops than starts. My mojo is a no show, and my mind seems to wander all over the place, in fact I can't begin to tell you how many times I start something only to find myself paused in the middle and staring at nothing, in a flood of memories and a pool of tears. Pa wonders how I have not run out of tears for all that I have shed. Everyone says that the death of a parent is not easy and takes time, and to be gentle with myself and allow myself plenty of time to grieve...and I have, and I am OK with it...I know this will take time.

I am discovering that deep loss seems to seep into your soul, like a cold winter's night, and becomes as much a part of you as your own DNA...perhaps healing comes not by getting over the loss but rather becoming used to it. I'll let you know if ever I figure it out.

Alright, enough of the sad bit...

On a happy note, the wedding plans are in high gear for our Big Brother and Daughter In Love, as the May 25th wedding day looms...we couldn't be more excited! I have chosen my "Mother of the Groom" dress and it is a doozy! It's very un-Ma-like and rather, shall I say "ooh la la"...I love it! Pics will come after the wedding day...wink, wink.

I will tell you it's formal and long...

The kids found a cozy townhouse to call their own first home, and have been moving in and making it beautiful. In fact, Pa and I were invited over to a first dinner (actually we invited ourselves over, but the kiddos were too polite to decline). We enjoyed a wonderful meal from their "local" delivery joint...

What else would it be but Mexican food, you know us Teakettles and our love for anything spicy and cheesy!

We had so much fun sharing in their joy, and we couldn't be happier for these two crazy kids!

The betrothed, themselves
Did I mention that their home is within a five minute drive to either mother? No doubt!

As for our Little Brother...

We have a big birthday coming up on Thursday, at The Corner, when Little Brother turns 21!

The Pa and the Braw up on the mountain

OMW, how did the time fly and our boy become an official adult!

Hmmm...wonder how he'll spend the day, with the mini cupcakes that I sent him and Chuck-E-Cheese with his buddies? I think not =)

In other news...

My March TUSAL...

I have no floss, not a fuzz nor a wisp, it would seem that February and March meshed together with my trip to California for Dad's memorial, and for the first time I didn't even bring stitching with me...I just wanted to be with the "fam-dam-ily" (as Dad would say).

I suspect, however, that the months to come will find me stitching again...and you know how that goes...if you give a stitcher a needle and some floss you may just find a frog or two (or even six) sitting in her ORT jar.

Which brings me to...Some stitching news...

I have started stitching again.

I decided to put my current WIPs aside and start on something fresh and "new," just for a bit to help me get my mojo back. So, with this in mind, I went deep into the craft closet and came upon my Jannlyn Nativity Scene, which had been sitting deep within the confines for the past couple of years. I have no idea why I didn't ever really start this one, but, this past week found me making a start upon it.

So pretty!

It seemed right to begin with "Mary." I love this set and have had it sitting in my stitching bag forever, but since I felt like picking up something new and fresh, this fit the bill and I am planning to stitch and finish them for this year's Christmas...wish me luck!

And, last but certainly not least...

It would seem that even though winter is holding firm to it's grip on New England, Spring is pushing harder and trying with all of it's might to stick to it's scheduled arrival...and it couldn't come any sooner as we are due to get even more snow tonight...brrr!

Our back deck may never be seen again!

Teagan is still looking for the deck (actually she spotted a small field mouse living within the snow...go figure)

Thanks for stopping by, dear sweet friend, and for your continued patience with me as I continue to take it one day at a time. I apologize for the long winded post and plethora of pics.

I send you off upon your day with a hug, a wave, and dreams of Spring warmth.



  1. Grieving is a process and you are right, it takes patience and time. Luckily you have a support system around you.
    Keep busy :)

  2. It is wonderful to see you blogging again. Baby steps my dear friend, you have had a sad loss that will touch you the rest of your life, however, the intense pain will ease in time. Cry when you need to, laugh when you can.

    On a side note, your new blog look is very pretty!

  3. I was about to shoot you an email to see how you were doing. I remember after my father died, I walked around in a daze for awhile. I had got a book on sudden death and found out that you go through shock in a sudden death before you even start the whole "cycle of grief." And then, you don't go through the cycle of grief just once, you generally go around and around and around. It gets better but it's a gradual thing and it took me months to stop staring at the back door in the afternoon, waiting for him to come through like he always did.

  4. As I read this post of how close you were to your father and how sad you are that he has passed, I cannot imagine this feeling. I guess I'm trying to say this; be thankful every day (as I know you are) that you had such a wonderful relationship with him and that you have warm memories to look back on. I wish I could have had that when my father passed.
    Big hugs for you my friend. ♥

  5. Continue to be kind to yourself, Ma dear. Healing can come slowly, but some day the memories will make you smile instead of cry. Hope you can feel my hug!

  6. Yup..lots of hugs from my side too sweetie..
    Keep well x

  7. Good luck with your stitching , it's a lovely start. As for the pain getting easier , I don't think it ever does. My Dad died twelve years ago , and it still knocks me for six sometimes. I think you just build a wall around it with time , but the wall has windows to allow you to look in , rather than sit inside with the grief. You have lots of good memories, they will help you through the hardest times . Lots of love .XXX

  8. There is something you must always remember.
    as always

  9. I do believe you hit the nail on the head. You get used to your father being gone. I am praying for you. What a great choice to stitch.

  10. Still praying for you. It is such a difficult time. I'm glad you have some happy events coming up - the birthday and the wedding. Something to look forward to and something to make new memories for the future. I LOVE the picture of Teagan. It's like he's sitting there saying "really? more snow?" Hopefully you won't get a lot more. I know you are ready for Spring.

  11. ((HUGS)) I think that you will always have your father in your heart and it will get easier as time goes on. With a wedding coming up, that will help. The mojo will come back when you feel more complete again. Congrats to the happy couple!

  12. My heartfelt condolences to you and family, wishing you peace, love and the warmth of family in the coming days. When missing your dad, look in your heart, you'll find him there waiting for you. xoxo

  13. Lovely to see a post from you. I know just how you are feeling right now. It's hard and I'm waiting for that " it will get easier" stage that people keep telling me about. Lots of hugs to you Karyn x

  14. ohhh hope the mojo comes back ... may be after all the excitement has died down with the wedding and the birthday celebrations ... and things get back to "normal" whatever that may be for you will be stitching up a storm again :) love mouse xxxxxx

  15. Sending many hugs to you, Ma. You are lucky to have had such a cherished relationship with your dad. Looking forward to seeing your ooh~la~la dress!!

  16. Know what you mean... still kind of slow here too, tho it was a SIL. And this week my friend's Mom passed, so going to the funeral tomorrow. It's going to rain--how apropos... Birthdays and weddings will help you through, and anything that makes you happy! HUGS to you!


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