Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fingers Don't Fail Me Now...

Good morning, dear friend!

Have you noticed smoke coming from the Green Mountains, of late?

If you have, rest assured that it's just lil' ole me.

I have been frenzied with joy stitching away on, dare I say, the most beautiful Christmas exchange piece evah! If I told you just how much I adore this cutie patootie stitchy treat, it would be an understatement!

I am almost there and a finish is in site!

I hope that it's sweet recipient adores it as much as I do, and as I chose an idea that suits her well I think that she might...

But, peaking, dear friends, and no sharing guesses at what it could be, as it must remain a surprise until it arrives safely on her doorstep.

This is so much fun, especially as friendship surprises are my one weakness...wink wink



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your secret surprise stitching!

  2., fun, fun!! Looking forward to seeing what and for whom!

  3. So exciting can't wait to see what it is

  4. Love those Christmas surprises! I hope you share a picture after it arrives!

  5. I can't wait to see! SQUEEEEEEEE! I bet your exchange partner will cry because she will know you made it for her with fondness. I hope the things you get from her make you feel super special...because you are!


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