Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Prairie Schooler Update And Some Road Rage...

I have been a busy little stitching bee...for the Prairie Schooler ABC Stitching Bee

PS "D"

I finished "D is for Drum"

And made a start on "E is for Embroidery"...


I am still really enjoying this WIP, though it is a slow go, mostly because of the 1x1 on 25 ct...'nough said. :-)

And moving along... I don't believe I have mentioned the fact that we have been confined to The Corner for the past week, due to some major construction that has been underway on our little country road.

This huge project began in April, but has only been this intense for the past week...

 our nice country road has been terraformed - sad but necessary unfortunately

This past week has been the worst, as they dug up our road, and dropped it down 2 1/2 feet and widened it as well...

end of our driveway - serious changes going on
This is what is currently the end of our driveway, or will be once they finish grading and re-paving it.

Luckily our house sits about 150 yards from the end of our driveway, so other than the obvious, current disruption, the change to our road will not affect us directly, other than the sad result of progress and what was once a quiet little country road is now to be a "tributary" of sorts to the main road.

This whole project is promised to be finished by the end of November, hopefully before the first snow.

 Ah, such is life, as they say.

The funny part of the story is that of our mailbox, which was removed from it's usual spot at the end of our driveway and was set aside, lying down in the dirt, not a big deal as we knew this would be a requirement of the construction, but the funny part is that our mailman continued to deliver our mail into the mailbox while it sat sideways in the dirt, each day for most of the week. It had to be such a chore to get the mail into the box for the poor mailman, but I guess the mailman's oath stands...or perhaps he is but a creature of habit?

And, one little pup named Teagan seems to think that the Dragons that eat our trash every Thursday morning, now live outside in our street...

on guard duty "always"

And has been at the ready to defend her people as needed.


That's what's what from The Teakettle Corner, on a rather nice Saturday morning, and I thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope this day finds you somewhere enjoying life and all the funny stories that it has to offer and perhaps a stitch or two, as well...



  1. That has to be a pain. I remember when I lived in my first childhood home, they expanded the two lane road than ran behind our condo into a six land divided highway. My parents said that the vibration from the construction cracked one of our toilets. Fortunately, it wasn't like they were right on top of us because there was a sidewalk and a steep bank leading up to our fire lane so we had a bit of a buffer but Mom wouldn't let me play out back during construction

  2. P Lain to see Teagan will remain at his post!It will look nice... once it is finished, but the noise? and dust in the meantime. Hang in there!

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for you that they finish on time! Teagan is such a good dog keeping watch!
    Love your PS piece, it will be stunning when finished.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your PS progress looks awesome. Hope the construction completes as quickly as can be!! Teagan is the cutest sitting watch :) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. wow i love your PS stitching piece so is very sweet..Teagan is such a good dog keeping watch..
    love for you xxx

  6. I know how disrupting construction work can be, our building is getting a face lift and they are almost in our backyard!

    Great progress on your PS ABC piece :)

  7. Love your PS stitching. 1 over 1 stitching takes patience! I hope the construction is finished before winter sets in. If I not, I can't imagine what a mess that would be. I live in the big city (Miami) and road construction is never ending. Our major airport is always doing construction.

    Teagan is such a cutie. Enjoy your weekend. :)


  8. D looks great... can't wait to see E all done. :D

    I shudder to think how dusty all that construction is. Hope it doesn't get in the house too much.

  9. Oh, I love your PS finish--and it looks splendid over one!! What a project this will be when all finished up :)

  10. It's a shame Teagan didn't chase off these big green dragons before the work started. Reminded me of a little boy fascinated with diggers. Safe travels

  11. Oof! That's a lot of construction going on at your doorstep! Literally!

    Love your PS so far :D

  12. Good work on your ABC sampler! I can imagine it is rather slow going though with the over one. However, the resulting finish will be astounding!
    It seems everywhere I turn lately there is construction. The push is on now for finishes before the snow flies.
    Hope you're not getting too much dust from it all.

  13. Love the PS and hope your project is completed soon!


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