Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To PIF Or To RAK...

THAT is the question on Ma's mind this morning.

I have noticed a wonderful trend, over the years, among our many amazing and generous bloggie friends to bestow upon others the gift of a PIF (Pay It Forward) or a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) and I have always adored this tradition, and have even been the lucky recipient of such a treat, and I might have sent one here or there as well.

I suppose the question that sits upon my mind, like a bee in Ma's bonnet is this, how do you decide whether to bestow a gift as a PIF, which often asks that the recipient then PIF another or as a RAK, with nothing more for the recipient to do than enjoy the treats.

I do notice that most of the sweet friends who chose PIFs do so as an unspoken exchange circle sign up, so that those who receive do so by choice and not by chance and therefor are ready to pay it forward to another. I love this idea and know how truly awesome it is to be able to share our stitching love, personally, with one another.

Now, a RAK sounds like a lot of fun to me, as you can chose anyone you want, and they have no idea of what's coming until they open the mailbox! I adore finding a surprise in the daily pile of junk and bills. However, to do this you must know the recipient's address and without already knowing this bit of information, "it aint gonna be no surprise, duh!"

So, the real question that I pose to you, dear friend, is this...If I were to itch to stitch up some PIFs and perhaps add a few treats from this stash of mine, to send hither and yon, would you want to join me in a PIF circle?

Or, perhaps if I decided to just RAK ya, would you be a bit "creeped out" if I randomly asked for your address?

Me thinks, that I may have some thinking and stitching, and perhaps a bit of some rifling through my stash to do before I begin the real fun of sharing the RAK or PIF love with ya'll.


Thanks for visiting, dear friend, on this fine sunny, blue sky morning, and indulging Ma in a bit of ferhoodled foolishness...and I send you on your way with thoughts for sunshine and blue skies of your own, and a stitch or two along the day.



Parsley said...

Both are sweet ideas.

It's harder to to a RAK because you'll need the addresses of people, but I think it's actually more fun because it's a total surprise with no strings attached.

The PIF is great because you can ask for the address of your recipient without them wondering WHY. It's also fun having a blog drawing to pass things on.

Either you choose will be fun.

Larisa said...

I tryed to take part in PIF once but I did not understand the idea of it. I sent three packages to some pals but I received nothing in the end. I did not worry about a lot, because I mostly loved to give away anything and the girls liked what I sent them ) That was great!!

Sweet Sue said...

Anyone would be lucky to PIF or RAK with sweet Ma herself! Can't imagine a single stitcher feeling creeped out, unless they're really REALLY virgin (aaack I said it!) to blogging. Anyway, I'd step up for ya and declare you're no ax murderer, lemme know if ya need help with that:) xoxo

stitcheranon said...

I just ask who would like to be put in the hat for an RAk and collect addresses and then chose at random. PIF are good fun too: you can put me down for it straight away rofl xxxxx
PIFs are not exchanges Larisa: you send an item to someone and they then have to send an item to someone else and so on. Exchanges are also good fun lol!!

Joy said...

Well, I've been the victim of a PIF gone wrong. I was selected for a PIF but never received anything and I actually did make something for someone because of the PIF. So I guess it kinda turned into a RAK.

You can get around the element of surprise if you know someone who knows the person who you want to RAK and see if they have the address.

Catherine said...

I like sending and I'll admit I like receiving rak's. I have gone so far as to ask another blogger for someone's address so I could surprise them!
There was someone a while back that asked for anyone that would like to potentially receive an rak to send their address. The key word is potentially.....just because they send you an address, doesn't mean they will receive.
It sounds like great fun no matter what you decide, and anyone would be very lucky to receive and rak from you!!

Sherry said...

I don't think you could go wrong either way. But I have the same problem....I don't know anyone's address.

gracie said...

I also have had an experience with the PIF's...I did but they did not. So I like the idea of the RAK instead. I have asked for an received addresses so I can when and if send. It is always fun to get something in the post.

Kaisievic said...

I do love both ideas and you can be stealthy with getting people's addresses. For example, everytime I win or send a giveaway I keep a record of their addresses just in case.

I must admit, the PIF is a a nice idea as it does make an informal circle and also it had been so long since I had been chosen for it that it was still a lovely surprise (hence having a year to PIF in).

Good luck with your choice.

Maggee said...

Hey there! I just did both! I joined a PIF earlier this year, and just sent out my packages. This was my second one, which is saying something, since the first one I joined last year never came through to sending me a PIF! I did my part. That's all that matters. And I just asked a couple of people for their addresses 'just in case I might ever want to send them a little something'(RAK) which I just did too! It is loads of fun! Right now I am doing a giveaway, and I am about to do a second one for international blogging buddies! Postage costs are so high that I can't always do a generous RAK or whatever overseas. But I try! Hugs!

Vicky said...

I have done both but love RAKS. I racked someone after reading about a hard time they were having and managed to get their address secretly by contacting a fellow blogger that they mentioned on their blog - wow I hope you understood that LOL

Mindi said...

I love the idea of RAKs, and have sent a few out mysel, but you're so right, you're limited to who you have an address for, or you sort of ruin the surprise by asking for an address. I try to "collect" addresses and then randomly surprise someone months later.

Mouse said...

love both PIF's and Raks ... and I have asked for your snail mail address number of times from you and haven't got it yet *WAHHHHHH
sooo if you want something from the mouse house in the sometime soon future it would be a help
just a wee big hint there hahah
have a happy stitchy day :) love mouse xxxxx

Mouse said...

forgot to say .. I have done a few pifs and received gifts from the pifs first .... and I asked for addresses for potential raks on my blog and I have sent out to quite a few already and more to come ... better get back to my needles
love mouse xxxx

BARBARA said...

My sweet daughter did a PIF and received some wonderful things from the stitchers who signed on but I personally love the RAK's. They are little surprise pagkages that someone has taken the time to share with you...makes you feel extra special.

Jennifer said...

hey Karen!
Just wanted to say that I was one of those special recipients of all the linen you sent one time graciously and I have dearly loved it. I think both ideas are great especially if the meaning behind it is positive.

Your blog is looking good, girl!


Anne said...

I have done two RAKs and enjoyed making them and enjoyed their glee even more! I've never tried a PIF and kinda confused at the concept...perhaps I should look into it. As for the RAks I sent out, I put up a post asking for people's addresses for potential RAKs in the future. Even if I don't stitch anything to send, I have their addresses and could send them cards for Christmases or birthdays ;D I thought that was the best way!

No way I would be creeped by you Ma!!