Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stitching Progress...

It seems like forever since I have posted on the ole blog, dear friend, and indeed it has been!

I wanted to share some progress with you...

First up , we have The Prairie Schooler "ABC Sampler"

I have working on finishing the "D is for Drum," but it is slow seems that the tiny 1x1 has been doing a number on my shoulder, so I have been instructed to take it slow and easy...

Which leads me to my new start, to allow me a bit of a "switch-up"...

Next up...

Blue Ribbon Designs "A Little Quakeresque."

I am continuing my love of Floba fabric with this stunning sampler, but this time I am using a 32ct 2x2, which is much easier on the old shoulder (not to mention these old peepers), using the charted WDW "Twilight" floss.
Don't ya just love it?

Well, dear friend, that's the progress update from Ma's neck of the woods, and I am hoping that this post finds your neck of the woods fairing well as we roll into the dog days of summer.



  1. Great progress! Love those Prairie Schooler letters, i can imagine 1x1 is tough to do! Great start on the quaker. :)

  2. hello deary,
    your sampler is so cute..i love it so much..
    big hugs
    cucki xx

  3. This is wonderful stitching! I especially love the ABC Sampler.

  4. I can't stand it anymore! You are the second bloggy friend that has started A Little Quakeresque. This must be a sign because a few weeks ago I found it hiding in the bottom of my stash basket. I MUST start it!

    I hope your shoulder feels better and your peepers hold up.

  5. Lovely stitching. Both look fabulous. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. :)


  6. Oh wow! It's lovely and that fabric is yummy! Tell me more! Floba?

  7. Lovely stitching all over. Love both of your wips and can totally understand the need of having some "over 2" stitching as well.
    Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon.

  8. really like A Little Quakeresque
    added to my wishlist ;)

  9. Oh Ma, I do hope your shoulder and peepers are rested!
    Your projects look wonderful!!
    Not many dog days of summer left ~ enjoy!

  10. Love your PS piece...I have all those charts but wonder if I will ever get them stitched. I know I don't want to start a huge BAP and do all of them haha.

    BTW, I meant to comment some time back about your weight loss and say congratulations! I am so impressed. I am struggling myself but it is slow-going and frustrating. You are inspiring.

  11. That Prairie Schooler over one is amazing. I have drooled over the Prairie Schooler ABC stitching blog, but haven't been brave enough to even consider starting it. It's funny you have shoulder pain from stitching too much, it is always my thumb that gets to me when I have stitched too much.

  12. Hi there! Your stitching is ALWAYS so lovely. I bet my eyes would be a'hurting on that 1x1!

  13. Sorry to hear the over one is giving you a hard time.

    That new start is quite lovely

  14. Lovely stitching! Nice color choice for A Little Quakeresque. Hope your shoulder feels better! :)


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